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  1. A lead or leash flag would be very useful. The flag would allow players to tie their horse(s) to fence posts without the horse teleporting back to its home residence 5 minutes after being left there. The flag could be set for individual people and only the owner of a tied up horse could untie it. The flag would be very useful and somewhat enjoyable

    As with any idea, there are a few problems. One could be if a player has their horse tied in a residence, then they lose move permission and can't get their horse back. In such a case, the horse could teleport back to its owner's res if the owner loses move permission. Another problem would come if the flag allowed for horses to be tied up on another server and the horse had to teleport to its owners home for some reason (untied or loss of move perm). This problem could be avoided by either making the horse die, the horse be automagically stored in the player's stable (if possible), or simply not make the permission work cross-server. The owner of the residence could obviously still break the fencepost that the horse is tied to, causing the horse to be sent back to its home residence. I'm sure there are other problems that could be worked out, but these would be the most severe.

    Of course, some might wonder what uses the flag might have. The flag would be loved by those players with racetracks, since players could store their horses on the res while waiting to race without having to stay on their horses. The flag could also be used by "hotel" owners for horse storage. Shopkeepers might enable the flag so shoppers could park their rides while they shop.
    Most uses of the flag concern horse storage, which can be done using the /stable command, but the command hides the horse. With the lead or leash flag, players could store their horses on other residences while showing them off to the world!

    A side option that isn't necessarily part of the suggested idea is the ability to tie up other animals in a residence without need for the build flag, but the flag would be mainly for use with horses.

    Thank you for reading through this idea; I hope you like it! :)
  2. I think it is planned to be able to have a horse ( could be without a lead ) to stay at another res without it teleporting back home.
  3. I don't know if there should be a system that relies on leads as they're very glitchy but having horses able to stay somewhere else if you want them to is a good idea especially for hotel owners
  4. Only if your holding it on a leash.

    I don't think we can do what the suggestion asks though. There's a lot of political accounts to accomodate for, such as you mentioned move flag being removed.

    This would involve a lot of complicated code that I simply do not want to add (As complicated code = more chance for bugs)
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