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  1. /journey

    I think that EMC should have a /journey. This would be used to track the time, distance, speed and amount of biomes passed through during a journey. The journey would start when the player types /journey start and to end it the player would type /journey end. If the player has to leave or it is a multiple-staged journey, they would type /journey pause. In /ps there could be an option that says if the journey should stop or pause when they disconnect. /journey info would tell the player the information of their journey. I think this could benefit EMC as it could limit people trying to claim land too close to spawn and the time feature would help with races. I have checked through the already suggested ideas and this hasn't come up, so I hope you all like my idea.
  2. Only if it immediately starts playing Separate Ways when you use it. :D
  3. +1 on the idea and +1 on playing Separate Ways
  4. No idea if this suggestion will be approved or not, but one thing you should always remember:
    Don't stop believin'.
  5. +1 I love the idea
  6. I like the idea, +1 from me.

    At first I thought: "But why not press F3?" and then I realized the obvious: this is much easier to keep track of the distance :)
  7. idk if the biomes part would be easy to code but i love the other parts, kind of liek a stopwatch. +2 for the first two parts +0 for the biome one
  8. +1 great idea
  9. Very interesting idea :D +1
  10. An interesting suggestion, BUT I do not foresee us adding this to the servers as suggested. The problems that come to mind (to me), is that many of the extra information like biomes - is not something we would really want to track. Additionally, most features that are added, the HOW it works is generally intuitive (hopefully an elaborate guide should not be necessary). This would not require such a guide, but it is not immediately clear to me what this would do; even after thinking about this for a few days.
    What I will mention, is that I had a BRILLIANT feature idea about 2 weeks ago. I would rather not reveal it until it is released. But it solves the best part of your suggestion (related to measuring distance).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.