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  1. The Suggestion
    As most of you probably know, Aikar has recently deployed an update where whenever you a player repairs an item through the anvil, it is permanently coded onto the item, no matter the amount of time's repaired, exchanged, sold etc. That being said, I thought if player history is already on the item that it wouldn't be that hard to just make a command where it will tell you all the players that have ever repaired said item. This would be done similar to /iteminfo in which you put an enchanted item in your hand, type /itemhistory, and get told player history of the item.

    Example of this command
    Input: /itemhistory
    Output: [item] has been repaired by [player1],[player2],[player3] etc.

    Instances where this command could be handy

    • When finding item's from player death in the wild/frontier, being able to possibly track them down or at least narrow down who it may be
    • During auction or selling items so a player is aware if he has or hasn't repaired the item he is bidding on /paying for.
    • Being able to make tools collectible (For people who aren't just content with heads & signed books!) Example- A staff member purposely repairs a damaged set of leather armor and then distributes to players where player's can then use /itemhistory to see that it was once the staff's armor and therefore make it a collectible. Items of any member could be collected, just using staff as an example.
    • This one is slightly opinionated but don't you just think it would be cool if you could see all the player's who have repaired a single item? I certainly do!
    I will gladly take any constructive criticism on this so if you would like to point out a flaw or just flat out say you don't like it, go right ahead but please do so respectfully! :)
  2. Repairs are per-player, not for everyone. [Source]

    It would be a cool thing to have, though. :)
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  3. That sounds like a really cool idea. I like it! +1
    It adds a much more personal flair to modified items too. Not sure why. Like the girls in jeans or whatever that book was. Passin' down family heirlooms, repaired by hundreds of family peoples. Maybe not quite the traveling pants. I never read that book. But cool idea!

    EDIT: sisterhood of the travelling pants, is what it was.
  4. Sounds pretty great! I like this idea very much ;) I'll use this a lot because I usually find items from another player when I explore in the frontier/wastelands.
  5. You always beat me xD
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  6. That's what happens when you live on the forums. :p
  7. I do, Im just that person that doesn't notice threads that much except for auctions xD
  8. per player per item.
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