(Suggestion) Item loss tally

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  1. As I patiently waited for the lava to take my life and all of my valuables, I wondered how much stuff has been lost this month, year, community wide?

    Is there a way to track this info? I.e. player derp died with 6 logs, 2 sticks, and bubble gum. Then this info be combined with everyone else for all to see.
  2. Tracking this info would be quite pointless other than to see the tallies. I'm guessing that's why it hasn't been done. Even if we started tracking, it would not include the past deaths. That data is forever lost to the interwebs.
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  3. I think stats are fun to read. Just like keeping track of xp. Where does my loss rank among the community? How many times have people died? Who died the most? Who lost the most? For argument sake most things we do in life are quite pointless.
  4. Lets estmate how many items have lost in a inventory

    OVAR 9999!
  5. 9000*
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  6. So...... does no one think it would be neat to know exactly how much has been lost?
  7. It would just cause server lag. So nah i don't really think we need it
  8. how?
  9. I completely agree that it would be neat. But i think that if its ever implemented, it should be near the bottom of Aikars list.
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  10. i think he means like in the forums...
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  11. Thank you for one positive comment and I do not disagree with the priority. Besides wishful thinking is fun and constructive.
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