[Suggestion] Item-Drop (Drop) Flag

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  1. If someone is on a residence with the (item-drop) flag turned 'off' .... the event will be cancelled, making the person be unable to toss items onto the ground using the mouse or by pressing [Q]

    This will 'really' come in handy if it's implemented....and help solve some of the issues below

    It may help aid in keeping people from tossing items onto pressure plates to open doors ... or to toss it into your hoppers messing up your redstone designs... or even someone ninja'ing behind you and tossing an inventory of dirt next to you so you pick it up.

    I know this mulled through my mind in the past, but I think it really should be added, what do you guys think?
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  2. Isn't this already a thing?

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  3. I'm sure Mob Arena has something similar, so I'm sure it could be added to residences although there is the risk of players unknowingly/accidentally throwing items on the ground
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  5. kk ... when i checked yesterday it wasn't on the flag page ... so I wasn't aware.

    Now that it is, I suppose it will help out with a few things. :)
  6. #BlameWikiTeam
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  7. lololololol x infinity