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  1. I wish for a way to open up a residence owner to open up an iron door with their hand and for others not to. This can be used in many ways.
    • Restrict rooms when you give somebody use permission.
    • No ugly buttons or pressure plates
    • A happy SkyDragonv8
  2. Not sure if possible, Iron doors still need a redstone signal
  3. Possible to do.
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  4. Not necessarily - just find out what state the block is in - and use a player interaction event.

    If the person who interacted with the block has permissions on the residence and the block is an iron door... then if the door is open change the state to close ... if the door is closed change the state to open.
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  5. simply build some torch locks, this requires build flag so giving use out is possible while still maintaining privacy.
  6. All I want in minecraft is a sonic screwdiver that sends redstone signals with a simple right click ._.
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  7. I sense a programmer :D
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  8. That would be fun :D

    Just would have to do like an InventoryView.getCursor() to get the id of the item you're holding ... then you'd need a Player interaction event for right clicking certain blocks ... and then you'd need permissions of course on the residence.

    Then after that just basically have a bunch of if statements so that if the item you right clicked with your hand is the 'screwdriver' and the block you clicked with it was a 'door', 'piston' etcetera... then it will then get the state of the block to if it's powered or not powered ... and it will change that block's power state to the opposite state using .setPowered(true) or (false)
  9. To me personally, I would love to have this in minecraft altogether.
    Along with a technology advancement update >.>
  10. Why specifically iron doors? That is, why don't you juse use wooden doors?

    The beauty of having doors as they are, that is, wood doors can open with use, iron doors cannot, is that you can use the right door for different purposes. They were specifically designed that way for good reason.

    If you change iron door to 'use', you undo the variety of uses for them.

    I don't have to list the scores of different uses for the different doors do i? I think it's well known.
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  11. Believe it or not, wooden doors do not look good everywhere.
    This is also a door only the residence owner can open by hand.
  12. Chain 'if' statements are gross; how about a 'switch ' block? :p
  13. This reminded me of something I thought of earlier which was similar, although I wasnt active on the forums then. Say I have around a total of 30 buttons/levers on my res (I really dont), and all but one of them I want people to be able to use. I dont want to have 29 access signs all over the place making it look bad. A solution to this would be similar to this door idea. A wooden button could be use flag, and a stone button (along with iron door) could be a different flag. You could still put access signs up for stone buttons and iron doors if you wanted to.
  14. I really dont see why we need any new flags or even to change the mechanic of the iron door when as i said earlier...
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