[Suggestion] iOS/ Android App for Empire.us!

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Would you like to see an EMC app on the App Store or Play Store?

Yes 31 vote(s) 81.6%
No 3 vote(s) 7.9%
Maybe 4 vote(s) 10.5%
  1. Title says it all!
    An app where players can easily reply to conversations, check rupee history and of course read the forums!
  2. If you also can use what we are now using, yes.
    Because for me the EMC forums on my phone just works good :)

    *posted from my phone*
    EDIT: I don't have an iPhone
  3. There was, nfell2009 made one, but it kinda works the same as Safari.
  4. I would love to see one! As long as it was free though.
  5. I believe there are some floating around out there, but they aren't too great. I never understand why people say the site works on mobile, because it never does for me. I would be in full support of an app for EMC.....I wish someone would make one already.
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  6. This has been done before, but it unnecessary work, as the next version of XenForo (software the site runs on) has a responsive design. Also, creating an app and paying $99+ a year would just be worthless, people can use the site fine already on their phones.
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  7. It's free to keep on google play I thought :p

    Already suggested quite a lot (did it me self :) )
  8. This isnt something either of us would really be able to do in the next few years... so it would be up to the community to do this which some work has been done before on.
  9. I find it fine using the desktop site, although I've adapted to desktop sites on mobile, it just takes some time.
  10. I need to get into app developing, I am supposed to be making one for a piece of coursework for a computing course at school, however they only teach the basics, however if I learn to in the future I would love to make one! I guess we will have to see if this computing GCSE will help me in doing so.
  11. Will EMC be updating the site to XenForo 1.2 when it comes out? I really don't want to have to keep quoting you, @Aikar would be much better, and the responsive design and new members page is amazing! :D
  12. Ya it's true I got used to it but my biggest prob is logging in<(o_o)>
    ~posted from apple iPhone~
  13. Upgrading will be difficult because we have modified xenforo to do the EMC things... So it will take a lot of work to do it.

    But it is something Justin wants to do.
  14. YAY! :D Also, just to mention, 1.2 makes a number of changes add-on wise and it makes it easier to modify the core.
  15. image.jpg I post all the time on my ipad. Works fine.
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  16. Great idea. For the people that didnt do the poll and are saying no, just do it and see how much people said yes. :p
  17. On my iPod and Phone the site is clunky and slow. iPad is a bit more desktop-like
  18. I MIGHT!! Be able to. I will make sure to contact you if I am able. My dad is currently looking into purchasing a software where you can make an app for your buisness/forums so if I get more details and find out it will work I'll will contact you and make a forum post.
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