[SUGGESTION] interactive signs

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  1. I think that signs on empire should allow you to interact. Example, if you punch a sign with a link on the sign will open in your browser. This maybe could also be possible with commands. I know about the new feature about messages when you press a button but that is a little different.
  2. Yes, i support especially because i could use this. :)
  3. This could be abused, using shortened links, and using signs to misdirect people.
  4. Place sign that says /r pay xxxx 10000 lol
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  5. I know that you can have signs display links to the chat when clicked on, but as for the opening browsers, no.
    Some users can't handle opening minecraft and their browser at once, so accidental clicking could bring them down, and I know, because I used to be one of them, with my old laptop.
  6. Report them if this happens.
  7. Usually it's better to treat the problem before it happens.
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  8. minecraft itself simply doesnt support this, sorry.
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