[Suggestion] Increased Rewards

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  1. First off we need to increase the rupees of the referral bonus.
    It should be 1000r instead of 500r.
    If the person who was referred becomes a supporter then the person who referred them
    gets a bonus.
    Iron: 10r daily as long as the referred player is a supporter.
    Gold: 50r daily as long as the referred player is a supporter.
    Diamond: 100r daily as long as the referred player is a supporter.
    If the player refers
    every 10 players that stay more than a month gets 1 month of iron
    every 25 players that stay more than a month get 1 month of gold
    every 50 players that stay more than a month get 1 month of diamond
    and every 3 months if a person that has referred 50 people in those 3 months could win diamond for a year(random drawing)
    ^^if this has already been said please tell me
    i may add more to this suggestion for other sections of free rupees later
  2. What is to measure then "staying".. what does "staying" mean?
  3. Maybe it means staying and playing on the server, and not being inactive?
  4. Whats classified as "inactive"? A few days? a week? There isnt enough time in a month to declare if someone is inactive or not
  5. You like rupees too much.
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  6. The current referral bonus is actually 2,000r per player referred.
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  7. A quick something to pass onto whoever handles it Max,
    This page needs updateing at the bottom regarding referrals.
  8. Aikar's working on it :)
  9. People are just starting to try and grub as much free stuff as they can now.

    You already get 700r a day for doing pretty much nothing. That's already had an impact on how the economy works in terms of hiring labour.

    I'm getting bored of the incessant "I want moar!". This isn't aimed personally at OP, just a rant in general. I've seen loads of these kind of threads lately.
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  10. No this is just to get people more inclined to refer people which means more people joining the empire and more supporters donating to the server. New players means new friends new creativity and new ideas.
    The increased rewards would just be to make people want to invite people to the empire.
    I really don't care about rupees i have enough of them.
  11. sorry i didn't know since the rupees page wasn't updated
  12. Nice, but who shall pay that bill?

    Would you donate your rupees to EMC?
    Perhaps to boost referral bonus?

    Yes, yes, but I don't want to remind the community of that posting ... yet ;)
  13. i will donate 100r each referal if there is a way
  14. Friends invite each other to servers, no matter what the reward is. Who doesnt want to invite their friends?
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  15. There's also only so many friends that you can possibly have, haha. As Jkjkjk said, people are referred anyway. I'd say that it was only changed to 2000r to keep up with the actual rupee value anyway - 2000r is around what 500r was about 4-5 months ago.

    Voting... now that's where you can get a LOT of players from, but that is still loads of rupees at 700r max/day. :)
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