[SUGGESTION] In-Game Auction System

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  1. Hello EMC!

    I am suggesting an Auction System in game which allow us to auction a DC of items in-game somewhere in Town. I would appreciate it if it would work. How about a huge building in Town that we can use it for auction, and other players come and look. And if what I am suggesting is not good, How about a big shop in town with empty double chests and signs for us to put items in and offer to others.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. I would suggest just using the forums as we already have it setup on the forums. no point in going through all the work for the same thing. also not many people attend auctions in game as the are busy,
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  3. You are more than welcome to make an in-game auction house, but it won't be made by staff. It sounds like a cool project for the community though.
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  4. Thank you Krysyy, much appreciated. I will try my best to make one with, of course, the help of my friends if needed.

    finch_rocks_1, your opinion is important and sort of right, that is why I need the help of the staff maybe to make the house (If built) more popular and let players know.

    Thank you both.

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  5. no u dont u can just advertise it like normal, u now how everyone else advertises their malls and stuff u have to do it the same way.

    staff will only advertise for like huuuge player built events or stuff they make

    u gotta advertise it urself
  6. I tried to work out this idea myself but eventually gave up on it because of time constraints and other things eating up my time. But if you'd like I'll try to find some of the drafts I made for some of the rules and all, maybe it could help you?

    And good luck with this project if you're going to pursue this!
  7. Thank you, I said maybe because I am not sure if it is possible or not.
  8. I would appreciate any help, I will let you know when I am ready and able to build it. It has to be something special and adorable.

    Thank you!
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  9. I would also like to mention that not many will attend as many who bid on the auction on the site many not be in game at the time.
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  11. How about the other idea? Build empty DCs and let others fill them with what they want to sell and offer the item for a low price. What would make it special is it will be a public place full of offers by players to other players. One place, great offers!
  12. Maybe :)
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