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  1. Im not sure if this has been suggested but I would like for the ignore feature to extend to the /mail feature in game. "Who wouldn't like free stuff?", some ask. When I ignore someone, it means I don't want to hear from them at all.. Receiving book n quills/ Signed books from that person as a way of bypassing the ignore system, is seen as a bug/exploit in my opinion.

    Its a simple idea and I think there needs be no tweaking to it for it to be implemented. Up to Aikar though if the Ignore system and Mail can be integrated to check if Player A is being ignored or Not to send that mail.
  2. /mail ignore <Name>

    Why not? But Mail CAN be useful to ask for forgiveness.
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  3. On that same note, a PM can be useful to ask for forgiveness...
  4. Some people are not forum people.
  5. You could just make a price to send mail to someone who is ignoring you... That would deter spam and encourage apologies.
  6. there's already a price, it's 50 rupees. if someone wants to troll you i'm sure they'll be fine spending more.

    however, if someone is harassing you via chat, mail, PM, or otherwise you should report it to a moderator for review.
  7. Book mail is free. It is item mail that costs money.
  8. I agree with this, a /ignore should be an actual /ignore.
    You use that command, because you don't want to hear from anyone, so recieving mails from the isn't really supporting your previous actions.
    I would like to see a connection between the in-game and the forum aswell.
    Having someone ignored should also block incomming forum messages.
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  9. Or maybe move them to a 'trash' folder?
  10. Either way works for me.
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