[Suggestion]Idea for Vault

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  1. Typo: TIttle: Idea*

    Name: Half Vault
    Function: Single Chest Vault
    Uses: For the poor.
    Supporter Benefits?: Supporters can have up to 25 half vaults.
    Price: 5k
  2. Can I add something to this that I would like to see be added for vaults?
    I would like to see the ability to use color codes when renaming vaults. Maybe it could be a supporter only thing?
    I think it would be a cool little feature that has no real impact on anything.
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  3. I do not mind BUT I do say this. Half vaults would affect the total amount of vaults you can have.
    Say you have 23/50 vaults and you buy a half vault. Now you have 23.5/50 and so on.

    I do not think that this is a necessity seeing that there are multiple ways to get multiple vaults and it just feels round to have a half vault.
  4. May be if you could combine them in to a regular one if u want
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