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  1. I can't even tell you how many times I've seen somebody log in, finish the tutorial, and randomly start blatantly cursing. 99.9% of the time they don't even bother trying to cover it up and just say the actual curse. Well, why not make a filter that detects actions that to the server should be common sense not allowed.

    For example, when somebody sends chat; before it gets sent out for everyone to read the server does a check on it that makes sure it doesn't contain any words that it OBVIOUSLY shouldn't contain. The filter doesn't even have to be good or strong, just something common sense like the name suggests. It would stop almost all of the pointless rampages easily. So if the chat message contains any of the obviously disallows words, it prevents the chat packet from being sent out completely so nobody even sees it. We have kids of all ages playing, and IMO to have the kids see the language in the first place shouldn't be allowed. Staff does an excellent job at acting to such cases, but having the kids seeing it at all is already too much; why not stop it in the first place? On top of that, it auto bans them for 10 minutes and it will send a notification to Square for a staff member to look at. Obviously the filter shouldn't be giving out permanent bans for this, because it could mess up. This is why it only bans for 10 minutes and then leaves it up to a staff member to make the final judgement.

    In addition, if a message is sent out in all caps and it's longer than 3 words; why waste a mod's time to kick them? Have server kick them for caps automatically :)

    I've been meaning to suggest this for a really long time, and I told Aikar in game a couple times but yeah.. What do you guys think?
  2. I feel like this is unnecesary if people would just follow the rules like they are supposed to and actually use common sense. It is also their fault if they mess up...
    And I also think this is uneeded because people speak in PM, res chat, local chat in the wild, or even group chat and should be able to swear if everyone is on the same ground.
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  3. If I recall the countless times someone has said this, it would be somewhat tasking on the server to track and stop it all ANDDD people could just bypass it if they really want to potty mouth. :) :( :D

    por examplo - i rly wana say "jimminy crickits!!1!!!!!" but they b blocking tht word cuz it offends ppls religion. me say "jiminee crikcits!!!!!"

    Though if you really mean blocking direct swears and direct swears only, I guess that would be decent. Blocking direct swears would possibly stop people who are simply ignorant, though someone who really wishes to release their primal urge to say naughty words would most likely change some letters so their point still gets across. Blocking anything that can be read as a swear, not a direct swear, would most definitely be wasted space on the server.
  4. But the people that do these things are not what we would call "EMC players". All they do is rush through the tutorial's of different servers and try to cause drama. In this case they finish the tutorial and immediately start cursing. Either that or they do it out of anger. The point is, we have lots of young people on this server that shouldn't be exposed to such harsh language. Also their goal is just to make trouble, so of course they do it in town chat.
    It doesn't, but almost every single time I've seen it happen, the trouble makers make no attempt to avoid any possible system; they just come straight online and go full out cursing with no substitutes for letters. For example let's say "pizza" was a curse. They would just come online and say "this server is pizza", they wouldn't try to cover it up and say something like "this server is p1zz4". (yeah that sounds weird)
  5. #banhammer
  6. But it would already be too late, the objective is to make sure that the younger members of the community don't see it at all, or at least the bulk of it. This system would prevent the chat packets from even going through so nobody would see anything besides the staff on Square.
  7. It has been suggested many time. The main reason why it hasn't been made is because it would cause lag.
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  8. While I agree with the goal, I don't think that this is the way to go about.
    What sounds better to you? The player who doesn't swear because he's learnt the rules on his own, or the player who doesn't swear because he's being forced not to?
    No, the better idea is to do more to teach new players that swearing is not allowed, and the tutorial does that in plenty.

    After all, prevention is better than cure. :)
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  9. I love how many people are saying they shouldn't curse at all and etc. The thing is, 99% of all users online have zero common sense. People get scammed and viruses all the time because they believe everything on the internet. Users of the empire don't want to see a new players saying the F bomb every five seconds they join. If we would prevent it, it would destroy all the problems. Not everyone has common sense, so we have to remember that. Usually new people that join the server, sadly, get perma banned for doing, thought this is not always the case.

    If we prevent it and stick with Xharos idea, then we wouldn't have issues with people cursing anymore.
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  10. True EMC players know it's wrong. Sadly every once in a while we get clueless idiots who come to EMC JUST to break the rules, they have no intention on playing they just want to cause trouble. This is what my suggestion was aimed at.
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  11. ^ This is actually a very good reason why I think that groups should have a setting to say to a person "this group uses mild but not language" etc. I don't normally say curse words in town chat -- and have only said it like once in local (apparently talking about your bum is not aloud lol...) so having a way other than Skype at 6 in the morning would be great. Thanks >_<
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  12. I think you guys aren't understanding who this is aimed it. There are SO many people who roam across any game they can find and just try to be a pain and cause trouble. These people are NOT here to play and as soon as they join they start doing dumb things. Those are the people I'm talking about, your friends talking about your bum in local chat is a completely different topic lol.
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  13. If someone is going to prove themselves not worthy of being here, then why stop them from doing that? Being restrictive is not the answer. Its education.
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  14. Well Haro.
    If players can't take the time to follow the rules,
    they don't need the time on the server.
    They get punished, and others involved move on.
    It's happened to me personally. Me and my friend wisepsn got involved in an argument and we uh...
    said some inappropriate things I ain't proud of, but, it happened so after the punishment everyone let go of the problem. :p
  15. You are talking some truth. The staff do there job correctly and stop the cursing, but after the have done there action. Why LET the person cursing curse when you could just block it? This option is on many servers. They even have spam options. If they wanted to prove themselves worthy, they shouldn't have disobeyed the rules anyway.
  16. Yeah, remember. -_- That guyed called you a thun thun thun and then bam and blah and yeah. Thats what happened. Still, what we said could have been blocked and we wouldn't have been banned, then again I shouldn't have never repeated what you said lul
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  17. xD :p Fail on both our parts lol.
  18. 2 years ago before I joined empire, I played on a pvp server. Because PVP is so competitive, if someone lost the fight they would call hacks. And seeing "you hack" every ten seconds gets annoying, so they added a chat guard so you could not say the word "hack" and it would replace it with "cheese" or "fudge" or "biscuits." People found that they could bypass this easily by saying "h@cks." Also, you can put a space between letters or extend one letter and SYSTEM would not recognize it.
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  19. In this case, a new guy here to only cause trouble would not be aware of the system, the way they would find out is being banned by it :)
    You guys are really missing the point here.
    The way they get banned or punished doesn't matter in this case, it's the time that it happens.
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  20. Which do you think will have a bigger net-positive? Forced censorship and chat lag, or players seeing that the mods do exist and will rain down retribution when necessary? (And if you run across an instance where a mod is needed but not present, just check the server lists on the site here - I've never not been able to find a mod when necessary, even if it took some server-hopping.)

    Bottom line, yes these kinds of players are obnoxious, but I think in the end, the better solution is to publicly curb-stomp them when necessary.