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Should this be a thing?

Yes 6 vote(s) 54.5%
No 2 vote(s) 18.2%
My favorite color is potato! 3 vote(s) 27.3%
  1. So I was building a wheat farm today and u put the water under dirt at bedrock level (go to 18466 on 9 to see it) and ice kept growing. There is no way to fix this easily and it would be nice just to be able to disable ice forming on your res. So yeah ice flag for the win!
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  2. It has to do with the biome that your residence is in. I'm honestly not sure if it's a fixable issue on the developer's end, as it is based on the Minecraft game itself. However, you can ask senior staff to change the biome that your residence is in. I could be wrong about there being no way for them to fix it, though, as I truly don't know. :p

    The senior staff charge a fee of 20,000 rupees to change the biome that your residence is in for the default 60x60 residences. Hope this helps a bit. :p

    EDIT: Oh, but if they can, I totally support this and all that jazz.
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  3. +1
  4. Well yeah I knew about that biomedical stuffs but it just frustrates me the tge res I dug out for farms (or more appropriately you dug out=P) can't be used for farms unless I pay ANOTHER 20k or do stuff with torches and lava
  5. I believe it is only 10k. This is your third res, correct?

    If you put a layer of glass on layer 256 then there is no problem. It may look ugly, but it's one of the few ways to fix it.

    You could also put Jack O Lanterns under every block of water...
  6. I'll try the glass thing and the Jacko lanterns thank you!
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  7. Try the Jack O Lanterns first, it's less time consuming.
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  8. Yeah - to be honest, I believe it would be better, server wise and staff wise, to just change the biome...

    The way preventing ice from forming is first it checks for the biome... is it taiga or tundra?

    Then it checks to see if the water is trying to form ice...

    Since this would have been, in a sense a flag, it would have to check everytime ice is about to form - if the flag is true or false... if it's true then the event won't trigger... if it's false it would have to run the BlockFormEvent

    If it's false, everytime the ice tries to form ice in that biome it will be have to be cancelled...

    -Just a small amount of block checks... but it would constantly be checking...
    -I would personally like this flag... but if the constant checking causes significant lag, I think it would be better to not add - and to just change the biome. :)
  9. Also* I'm not sure... but what I was told in the past was the biome can be changed on your residence for free if it's to remove an ice biome (taiga|tundra) to say... plains....

    (because a lot of the biomes were random when you claim a residence)

    However, going from plains to ice biome would cost money....
  10. What biome are you in?
  11. To check what biome you are in, just hit the 'F3' button and it will tell you what biome it is at.
    If you don't have anything yet at your res, remember that you can unclaim it and claim another elsewhere.
    Senior staff indeed can change the biome, however they charge for that service.

    Some people like those biomes as they can cultivate ice!

    If there was a 'flag' for this, I would hope it could only be changed one time, and then locked, so players could not change it at will to be able to cultivate ice one day, then crops the next.
  12. Yeah but it's completely dug out already so all that would be wasted
  13. Good point, but there is a little discrepancy there. On the Empire Track log, you see this:

    However, in the Senior Staff Services, you see:

    Obviously, Aikar's post is 8 months old and all, so it would make sense that they changed it in between then and now. :p I actually didn't know you could use Jack O' Lanterns to prevent ice from spawning; I'll have to use that in my single player world! Thanks! :D
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