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  1. These custom mob(s) have 3 parts

    Part 1:
    Mob Name: Aurora
    Mob type: wolf
    spawn amount 3
    Behavior: The names means "dawn"- night protector; These 3 guys will protect Akira(Part 2), and will not follow the player.Will be tanky, and attack constantly, but not very strong
    Drops: tokens

    Part 2:
    Mob Name: Akira
    Spawn Amount: 1
    Mob type: 1.11 Llama with chest, with a random color carpet
    This llama will basicly have no AI, It will be protected by the 3 Auroras. Until the death of the 3 Auroras it would be inmune to any damage. When the 3 Auroras die, it will increase summoning rate of Anubis(Part 3), and will begin attacking the player with the spit attack.
    Drops: Caravan chest, tokens, Royal Carpet, dragon fragments

    Part 3:
    Mob Name: Anubis
    Mob type: 1.10 Husk
    Spawn Amount: 2 mobs every cycle
    Spawn cycle: every 2 seconds
    The name means: God of the Dead. This will act as the the guardian from the Momentus, but different. They will be fast, low health(maybe 14hp(7 hearts)) and have a high attack damage. They will be fast, and the point of these guys are to make the player delay himself from killing the Auroras
    They will drop sand as a rare drop and maybe tokens

    Custom Drops:

    Caravan chest: when placed, it will contain a random amount of gold nuggets, zombie flesh,, and maybe other items.
    Royal Carpet: will be a custom made carpet, the color the carpet that Akira was wearing, random...

    I know this is a very complex mob, but i like it, i want to hear your constructive criticism on it

    Edit: The Caravan will only spawn in hot/dry areas, so desert and mesa biomes...
  2. I really like it! sounds way more fun to fight than momentus and marlix :p the caravan chest will be a shulker box right? also, what if the royal carpet was an enchanted leather tunic D: +1 overall, sounds awesome :D
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  3. Should look something like this
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  4. Pretty cool idea, creative and fun :D Also I like the name Anubis :p God of The Dead, Egyptian God.
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  5. Also, forgot to mention the most obvius part.... The Caravan will only spawn in hot/dry areas, so desert and mesa biomes...
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  6. I like it, it adds to the game.
    Quick question would this be found in dessert biomes only? Strike that just saw your last post about that.
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  7. Anubis sounds like a very interesting nickname for Rhyth

    I actually would like this idea. The spawning mechanics are a little shakey for me but I think I'll understand if I reread them :p +1
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  8. First thing that came to mind with Anubis :p

    But I really really like the sounds of this!
    Though I might add... have more then 1 llama. Caravans usually have more then just the one. Plus it will confuse which llama has the loot chest so a player doesn't try to just blitz in there and lead the llama off.
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  9. I like
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  10. I like it, it is a fresh concept it would do well with the enraged mobs that love to kill you.

    Btw, another dry climate is a Savanna
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  11. I like the idea. It's really creative, and beating the caravan would be a tough but satisfying challenge

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  12. You get a +1 from me. Any custom "boss" mob is a good addition in my opinion.
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  15. Please do not "bump" this. Custom mob suggestions have a form, and threads will not get an official "yes/no" from me for custom mobs.

    It has been seen, so as with other custom mobs, its served its purpose to "give ideas".