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Would you like either of these commands to be implemented?

Yes, both 18 vote(s) 81.8%
Yes, only /horselocation 2 vote(s) 9.1%
Yes, only /releasehorse 1 vote(s) 4.5%
No, neither of them 1 vote(s) 4.5%
  1. Have you ever been cruising the wastelands on your horse with your pal(s) and then you die but can't be bothered to get back to the horse as it is too far or you can't find you way back? Have you ever lost a horse on one of the SMPs but have no idea where it could be? Have you ever wanted to know whether your horses in the wild/waste are soon to be derelict? If you said yes to any of those questions, you qualify for my suggestions. Well two suggestions, actually. I am suggesting to add a command that will list horse locations and a command that will allow you to give up ownership/untame a horse from any location on that SMP

    Command #1: /horselocation

    What /horselocation would do is provide a list of all the horses you have on the SMP, their stats/name, their location included with coordinates and the specific world it is in, and how long the horse has until it goes derelict/gets untamed automatically due to no activity in the area. Regarding the suggested derelict status, it would also be cool if it were color coated to represent how soon until the horse is untamed. Green = 15-10 days, Yellow = 9 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes-5 days, Red = 4 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes-UNTAMED

    Here's an example of what it could look like: (Hovering over the horse's information will show the location. Similar to how hovering over the /dlog will show you the reason you died)

    Showing page 1 of 1.
    You currently have 3 horses on this specific SMP
    1. Roger Strawback- Speed: 109.45% Jump: 56.78% HP: 12 Color: Red, Derelict in 8 days, 7 hours, 21 minutes
    2. ChickenRice- Speed: 62.62% Jump: 108.76% HP: 21 Color: Brown, Derelict in 14 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes
    3. krysyymane9191- Speed: 78.56% Jump: 68.65% HP: 23 Color: Black, Derelict in 0 days, 0 hours, 4 minutes

    Now that you know the reasoning for this suggestion and you know how it might look and work, lets try some realistic situations.
    Realistic Situation #1
    You got your precious horse, Prince Gunther. Prince Gunther to you is priceless and you could never replace him due to the bond you two have created. One day you're wondering around the wastelands with your beloved Gunther when you see a nice village. You get off Gunther and go check out the village. After a few emeralds and serious thefts, you return to find that Gunther is no where to be seen! If only you had a command that could show where he hobbled off to ;)

    Realistic Situation #2
    You're out in the wild at an outpost (or your res). You're a bit unorganized and not the best with keeping track of everything while you work on your projects and you're always adding stuff or working on something. The farther you get into working on your outpost, the bigger everything gets and the harder it is to cover all the ground when looking for your horses. One day you decide it's time to bring all the horses back into a stable. You begin looking and you can't remember if you ever brought ChickenRice out or where to find krysyyman9191. Wait did you bring krysyymane9191 out or was that Roger Strawback. No no no, Roger is at another outpost, right? At this point you have a huge headache and you haven't even begun to search... Thankfully you have that new dandy command, /horselocation

    Realistic Situation #3
    You're building a nice mall so you can began selling items and racking in the big ole roopes. You have this incredible design that uses stonebricks and glass. Sadly, you haven't collected enough glass to cover the project and you dont plan on spending your precious roopes. Looks like you're going to the desert to collect some sand, better bring your mule Roobert. You can dig some sand here and there but you cant stand to dig for more than 15 minutes at a time. You come and go and dig when you can but you always leave Roobert out in the desert when you aren't out there. One day you hop on in the mood to go to MM and get some purty ores but you remember you haven't been to Roobert for a while. You're really not in the mood to go out and see if he is derelict as you could just be wasting your time. If only there was a way you could see how long until good ole Roobert goes derelict, oh wait! /horselocation

    This is it for /horselocation, now onto /releasehorse!
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  2. Command #2: /releasehorse

    This command would make it possible to release any horses you own on the specific SMP you're on from any location or any world. This will untame/release your horse but the horse will remain in the same location as it is. The example of what this could look like is very similar to /horselocation except with this command the list will not include the derelict information nor their location. When you click on the horses name, the response you get when you redeem a voucher or dispose something will appear asking if you are sure you want to release your horse.

    Showing page 1 of 1
    Which horse would you like to release into the wild?
    1. Roger Strawback- Speed: 109.45% Jump: 56.78% HP: 12.33 Details: Red
    2. ChickenRice- Speed: 62.62% Jump: 108.76% HP: 21.67 Details: Brown
    3. krysyymane9191- Speed: 78.56% Jump: 68.65% HP: 23 Details: Black

    Now for some realistic situations although /releasehorse doesn't have as much versatility as /horselocation and therefore will have fewer applicable situations

    Realistic Situation #1
    You and your friends, Buddy and Pal, are on the hunt for elytron (plural of elytra if you didn't know). You need to cover ground fast while in the end as you don't have all day to spend end lurking. You decide to all use your horses by stable summoning them. It goes smoothly for a while until when making a bridge, Buddy spazzes and flies down into the endless pit of nothingness and death called the void. Though Buddy isnt mad, he had all voters gear on. His only concern is that he left his horse at the foot of the bridge and would now have to re-gear, go to the wastelands, get to the end portal, find the outer end portal in which we all took to get out, go through that, and then somehow retrace our steps through the entire end adventure from memory (Since there is no end dynmap) which is pretty tedious and insane. However, with this command, he could just release it snd we could eggify it and bring it back to him. This has personally happened to me twice now and I couldn't help either horse :(

    Realistic Situation #2
    If you're a starting horse breeder and you're looking to find higher speed (135+) horses to breed with, it can be extremely pricey and the market may not always be open. For this reason, you may always go and tame any wild horse you see to check its stats hoping one day you may hit the jackpot. However, after a while the amount of horses you tamed that were duds and weren't any use to you has probably stacked to a large amount and its doubtful you remember all of them. /releasehorse would make releasing all those horses a lot easier and it would give others to take the horses you weren't interested in

    Positive feedback is amazing :D but I'm open to any constructive criticism or posts explaining why you wouldn't like this but, please, if you're going to -1 this, explain your reasoning! You wouldn't want to turn me from ChickenDice into ChickenNotNice, now would you?
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  3. This would be nice +1
  4. So useful!
  5. +1, Had the first realistic situation in command 1 happen to me with my 130% speed horseh, lost her forever.
  7. +999999999999999999999999999999

    1000 out 10 would like again.
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  8. I don't like to bump these type of threads but I'd like to see more input and hopefully an official response so...

  9. +1, Thanks for all the thought and explanation you put into these ideas. Both suggestions would be very useful, imo.
  10. Bump, bring forth the opinions and responses! :)
  11. I like your thinking!

    Personally I'm not in favour of a /horselocation command, because it feels a bit like cheating to me; it would make things too easy IMO. Take Gunther (cool example though!): you could also stop to think for a moment and realize that if you leave him out there he might run off. So take a lead with you and make sure he's tied to something. Problem solved ;)

    I almost ran into a similar situation myself. I had just found a desert temple, ready to check out, and left my horse outside. As soon as I was in I heard he was trying to commit suicide using the cacti :p So then I build a rough mud horse pen to keep him safe :)

    But I am in favour of your /horserelease suggestion!

    A lot of players mention that the wastelands eventually fills up with tamed yet unused horses and it even bothers some because they feel that people now occupy horses without actually using them. Even though other players might have a use for those. I think that is a very reasonable concern, and this would definitely help there!

    On that subject though: as soon as you sit on a horse to tame it you can immediately use /horse to check its stats. So if the stats are not what you're looking for you can simply leave it alone for another player to claim :)
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  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't /releasehorse already implemented as /horse release? According to the wiki it'll release the horse you're on. -1 (but +1 if I'm proven incorrect)

    I don't see how /horselocation would be cheating, as waypoints from map mods are also allowed. And I like it :) So +1 from me.
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  13. I'm pretty sure you're right with /horse release releasing the horse you're on but the /releasehorse (or change to the current command) I'm suggesting is to release any horse you have on that SMP. Whether you're riding it or not, it be in some pit in the nether, in an end fortress in the end, in a stable on a res etc. Release any horse from anywhere basically :)
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  14. Bumperooni. Still looking for an official reply from staff :D
  15. +1000 Is this about the horse I lost in the end? XD
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  16. Maybe... :rolleyes:
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  17. This has to be a +1... But what if you have.. lots of horse... it would kill ya feed, or... nvm. Hey But still this is a great idea!
  18. Sorry for the late response.

    Just like /mail, /friend list, /stable etc., if there were too many horses to display, some of the horses would roll-over into a next page(s). For example, lets say you have 14 horses on a certain SMP. You do the command /horselocation and it displays the first 5/14 horses but says to get to the rest you must type /horselocation 2 (or some command to get to the next page). You then look at your horses there and rinse and repeat if you have to go through any more pages. Sorry if that was a bit confusing, couldn't find a good way to word that :eek:
  19. This should be implemented! Great idea.