[Suggestion] Horse auction rule change

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What do you think?

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  1. My idea is that the minimum horse quantity can be changed to 1 instead of 10, for auctions with horses above 130 in speed or 100 in jump. This would help me and many people who sell 130+ horses. It isn't a major change, but I really hate typing out horse stats for auctions. Also having a 130+ horse in your auction is sweet but the other 9 horses may make your auction look bad. It could make a few things confusing but in the long run I think its worth the minor change.

    ~ Jdog
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  2. +1 even though I don't really do horses
  3. And what quantity do you suggest we use? Because without telling us that I can't really form an opinion on your suggestion because all it suggests now is a change without telling us what change that is ;)
  4. 10
    1... I added it to the OP
  5. First reaction: going from 10 to 1 is what I'd call a drastic change and I can't help wonder if this wouldn't make things too easy (I know 130+ speed is rare).

    Then I went over the auction rules once more and noticed that enchanted items can also be auctioned off in any quantity. This may seem unrelated at first but enchanting an item is a random process. Even if you're using a book: if you're enchanting a book it will be randomly enchanted. Breeding a horse is, to my knowledge, also a process of randomness; you basically get a foal which gains the average stats of both its parents.

    With that in mind and the rarity of a 130+ speed horse I can well imagine how this might help.

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  6. its not like I'll ever get any 130 speed but its logic, the goal of most people is to sell the 130 one and give the 9 poop for free it would save a lot of time.