[suggestion] Holiday Promo Ideas

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Which idea do you like the most?

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  1. my ideas for some promos in the coming year.

    1. Christmas; A spruce sapling called "Christmas Tree" that can be used to make snowballs fall from above (would have a cool down time).
    2. New Years Day (or eve); A clock that you can attach a new years resolution to (probably somthing EMC related) and put on the wall to remind players when they look at it.
    3. Valentines Day; a stack of 16 arrows called "Cupids Arrow" that does crazy damage accompanied by a splash of heart particles and a big red firework. When killed by this arrow it would say ex. (JJtheWise was killed by his undying love for [player who shot the arrow] ).
    4. 4th. of July; a dyed leather tunic called "minuteman's coat" that provides very good protection and is unbreakable and soulbound.
    5. St. Patrick's day; a cauldron called "Pot O' Gold" that when right clicked creates an explosion of gold particles and possibly creates some form of rainbow temporarily.
    6. New US president (or maybe British prime minister); a villager with the elect's name and a humorous quote from them, for instance Barack Obama " R-S-P-E-C-T ."
    7. Whenever the next season of Doctor Who starts (for krysyyjane); a slime ball called "Lost Dalek" when used it yells EXTERMINATE!!! in local chat, Iron armor called "cyberman chest shell" or "cyberman leg shell" that is unbreakable and provides strong protection and other buffs.
    8. anniversary of apollo 11 moon landing; A piece of endstone called "moon rock" that gives a large jump boost when stood upon.
  2. Also, make tab not post the thread so that when I try to move the type box it does not ruin my poll
  3. I like all these a lot, great job!
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  4. all of them are cool
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  5. These are all pretty great! maybe the moon rock gives jump boost when held, just so it's a little easier to do.
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  6. possibly, it would be a lot easier however I like the idea of a launch-pad like thing. nice gif btw
  7. When I first saw this, I thought "Ugh, another suggestion." But, these are R-S-P-C-T-A-B-L ideas :D
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  8. lol, thanks
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  9. +1 Good sir!
  10. [ADDITION] (opinion warning) I think it would be a good Idea to lessen the length of availability of promos. I know it allows people who were on vacation and such to get a promo however it lowers the value of the promo significantly. I would suggest 1 day after the release for a total of 2 days that the promo is available.
  11. officially favorited this page so i don't lose it over the next year
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  12. thank you.
  13. I think one week is the proper amount of time for everyone to have a fair shot at getting on and getting the item. Remember, these are fun items for celebration. Not really meant to be a super rare thing.
  14. (opinion warning) I don't think promos should exclusively be about value, if you think promos should be available for less time just so you can get more rupees, you are interested in promos for the wrong reason.

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  15. Yes, a staff member favorited my idea, maybe my mom will hug me now. Thanks Krysyy.
  16. I see a positive to both sides, it just seems a little long to me, but I don't have any real issues with it.
  17. aside from the availability time, the main point is I thought I had some good ideas for promos. lets steer the discussion back to that. :)
  18. .....+10000 :p
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  19. I like the St.Patricks day one... :>
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