[Suggestion] Health Bars For Minibosses

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  1. So just like how the wither and enderdragon do, could we have health bars for minibosses and elder guardians since they are now emc bosses? I don't know how hard this is and i know there are mods for this but the mods (atleast for me) crash in town and wastes. Please comment below what you think :)
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  2. its possible to do on technical end, just have to work out solution.

    but last I heard, boss bars in 1.8 got nerfed to only show when looking at them, which made it trickier to make fake boss bars...
  3. Last I checked, it was fixed.

    I see no reason for this not to be added even if the nerf bug was still a thing. It appears that it may still be a thing with old 1.8 versions.

    EDIT: Sadly, I couldn't vote for both "+1" and "u suk" :p
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