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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Huckleberry24, Jul 4, 2015.

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  1. Hello EMC,
    Before I begin, apologies if this has already been suggested, I have searched and checked the already suggested ideas thread.
    With the new PVP head percentage, I would like to suggest the /head command.
    Basically, players that want their own head, can go /head, and gain their head.
    This would only work for your own head, not others.
    I have seen this on many other servers.
    Some may think but why? Well, the time it takes to gain your head is frustrating. Someone who wants their heads straight away, can easily type this command and gain it.
    In my opinion, I can't see any negative consequences of implementing this, but if you do, please share!
    Remember, constructive criticism :)
  2. Well truly, the only way of minecraft of doing this is either dying or being killed by a player. The only way of getting player heads are from pvp and that is the majority they will come from. (Not including suicides outside of outposts) You can't even receive player heads yet so here comes the French Vanilla part. I will downvote this because it is going against French vanilla ways of receiving heads.

    Edit: Yes head percentage is ridiculous but adding a command to get your head is abusive and can cause problems
  3. Thankyou for your feedback. I am interested, why do you think adding this command is "abusive" and what problems do you think it would cause?
  4. 100% PvP Head Drop was never supposed to be a thing. PvP wasn't meant for head farming, so it's been changed to 15%.

    Why would the dev team add a way around the new policy that makes head farming even easier than it is now?

  5. What I am saying is, for the players that want their own head, have to spend ages either suiciding or the constant killing with a friend in PVP. So basically, we can't access our own head with ease?
    Edit: This suggestion is regardless of the new PVP policy.
  6. That's a thing I'm supportive of. Think of a /head command as diamonds through a command. Random heads go for, what, 125r? That's around the price of a diamond. There'd be some kind of cooldown on this, but the example is still relevant.

    Making things too easy is a bad thing.
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  7. I guess this opinion is different between players. I've always known that heads have gone for 50r. Anyway, as I said, its only for your own head, NOT others. I agree that a cooldown would be sensible.
  8. Now, I'm totally neutral in this because I don't care for player heads at all. That is: I value some of the heads which people gave me, but not so much because it's a player head but because it's a gift from someone I like (just to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding).

    You're making a good point but comparing this to diamonds somewhat undermines that point in my opinion. Because if we're talking sheer rupee value then, well... /vote'ing for the server will get you a diamond and emerald easily. Not to mention the (at least) 800rupees daily. And as we all know if you keep it up then the rewards also go up quite heavily.

    So I don't think you should add rupee value into your argument, because it already is extremely easy to get those by merely using a single command.

    Now, I realize that you can't compare voting (where you also help the server out) with a command which gets you something of value instantaneously. That's also not my point, I'm fully focusing on making it easier to earn money.
  9. I have never PVPed, have 15 of my own head, before selling 4 of then for 1500R each. /head would crash the economy lol.
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  10. -1 with mixed feeling because I want heads easily too


    if there were /head command, I would build a house with my own heads XD (and I think it causes messy lag)
    you seem like talking to get few heads for you and your friends but you can get infinity of the amount of heads without any time and effort with that command. Well, I cannot explain why this is a problem but this is like "Making things too easy is a bad thing." mentality like PenguinDJ says.

    I know it is really frustrating jumping off from cliff over 100 times to get your head or ask someone to kill you in PVP arena and ask for head back, or ask friend to kill themselves because I want friends heads... I know... but your head is precious because it's hard to get, I believe. (as a head lover :D)
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  11. The headhunters of EMC do want your head but there's no real fun if we can just ask you to type a command to get it.
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  12. It also took me three deaths to get my head. Just thought I'd say that. ;)
  13. Thanks everyone for your feedback- as I stated in the OP I couldn't see any negative consequences, but I do now :p. I can understand why this would be a bad thing to add, so I might just get staff to lock it! :)
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