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  1. I think you should have to wait to use chat, like 3-5 seconds. High-Quality servers (not this one) you must wait to use chat, as being a way of disposing of spam. Another reason is that i was banned from this, and I just got a little overwhelmed. I really think you should add a wait for chat, as well as unban all of the people who god banned from spam.
  2. Ehh, perhaps it would be acceptable on server 1 and 5 and 9, and perhaps any other highly-populated servers, but not really needed for the rest. Also, unbanning the people who spammed before without an appeal=No chance.
  3. waits for someone to give 2 cents on the ban part
    edit: ninjad by the potato king
  4. They will not unban everyone banned for spam.
    You can't expect to go
    in chat and expect to get away with it. If we did that, we'd get a bad rep as a server.
    Also, high quality servers?
    Empire Minecraft is the highest quality server ive ever encountered.
    Please name a server that has all custom plugins and enraged mobs and such?
    This will never happen.
  5. Examples of high qualty servers-PotatoCraft, HamsterCraft and CraspCraft. Those don't have really cool stuff and that. Also, 3 will do. ME!!!

    [MOD EDIT: JackBiggin - Don't mention other servers]
  6. I often type very, very quickly with more than one chat line per sentence and thus I would see this as a small inconvenience.

    Also, because of the last line, I kinda see this as an attempt to get unbanned. If you spammed, you deserve whatever punishment you get.
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  7. I honestly don't think EmpireMinecraft requires a chat timer. The chat never seems to be overwhelming amount of poeple talking at once and spammers seem to be taken care of pretty quickly. The reason many other popular server have this is due to the amount of people some popular servers have.
  8. How very coincidental it is that your suggestion would get you un-banned.
    Wierd huh?
    And you can't even mention over servers, not even the names...

    I advise you to stop this right now, you will only make things worse for yourself.

  9. Hm...
    Last time I checked, typing chatspam a ton of times does not help your case ;)
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  10. Spaaaaammm
  11. The system that Emc staff have in place works perfectly. If someone's spams or excessively spams in chat channel the system will know and take care or it. Also report is very helpful of the staff to catch a spammer. :D
  12. Har Har.
  13. k... :( (one year to atemt again.)
  14. I wish you luck in finding a new server, and hope you find one very soon, since you seem to think we aren't of high enough quality. :)

    Also, the few should not hurt the many. To be honest, if you felt overwhelmed because you had the power to spam, there are bigger problems.

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  15. You should not have done it in the first place.
  16. well... I can atempt to unban myself on next july 10th!! :)
    Edit-I do play on HamsterCraft.
  17. so many spoilers! I will open them ALL! *opens a hundred* i give up
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  18. I actually tried to put all the {/spoiler} in but iit didn't work.
    (Yes I know it's [ not }
  19. Those spoilers...
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