[Suggestion] Have to post an introduction thread to join EMC

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  1. So, this is a bit of an add-on to the signing up feature of EMC.

    Basically, when you register, you're redirected to the Introduce Yourself forum. In order to cut down on players who just want to spam and/or troll, you have to post a little bit about yourself (nothing creepy or anything :p) in order to be able to join EMC post in the forums. I understand that adding to the registration process would be more frustration that new members would have to deal with, so it's changed to posting in the forums.

    How would this cut down spammers/trolls, you ask? You see, spammers and trollers just want to find servers with no/minimal registration so they can easily piss people off. And with the tutorial being optional, I feel that these numbers will increase. So, if they really want to spam/troll in the forums, they'll have to first register on EMC, and then post an introductory thread (50+ characters, could be modified, and key words would need to be detected so people can't just do "oiasdfoijdsaoifjsadofijasoifd" and spam) to be able to post in the forums.

  2. Aikar would not spam! :(
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  3. Some people do not feel comfortable to release information to themselves and just want to check out to community before opening up. -1
  4. The current goal is to get as many people as possible. Many do not want to make a significant commitment at first, rather wanting to simply check out the server. This would turn away many that may have become full-fledged members.
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  5. It doesn't have to be anything too revealing. If I was a newly joining member, I would post things such as my name, general age, and what I like. Short, sweet, and easily passing the 50 character mark

    That's why this is a suggestion. There have been so many suggestions shot down, and this might be one of them. That only makes the community think of bigger and better ideas.
  6. I do like it, but like SkyDragon said, most people won't like opening up like that, not everyone has that happy, bouncy, social personality, I think the tutorial is good for right now...

    I don't agree this must be necessary for newcomers to JOIN Emc, I think this is more for spam control.

    Maybe have it like this:

    • You need to post a forum (or something) to be able to chat in Emc
    • This will work because it's a choice if they want to be social or not, it gives free will.
    • If the person wants to speak, they can hear from us first, as a little greeting into a new world!
    • Comments? :3
  7. You gave me an idea. Editing OP now.
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