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What Do You Think About This Promo Idea?

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  1. Hey All, this is my first suggestion thread, so bear with me and I hope I got everything done alright :p

    I was thinking of a promo that would be a Headless Horse Man's Horse.
    This would be black horse, the stats would be around 130 Speed, 100 Jump and a 25 HP.
    The Horse would be obtained like most promos; /promo
    It would just be a horse egg with lore (like the Christmas horses), and I don't a name for the horse, or even if the horse has a name.

    That is all I could think of at the time being, Thanks :)
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  2. I love this idea but 20 hp is very low. I think 25 Hp at the minimum for a promo horse.
  3. This must happen. we have the head and axe already
  4. +1 Sounds like a good idea! It would be cool to see this implemented into EMC
  5. Thanks :D and I was thinking of 25, but I didn't know if that would be too much, So i'll change it.

    Already did :p, Thanks :3
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  6. Very cool idea! I like it :)
  7. Would be very cool, but 130 speed would really destroy the market since all players would have one
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  8. Sounds cool +1

  9. Dashers are 130 speed so market already destroyed so bring on some more cool promo horses!
  10. -1 Just one problem. It has to be a skelly horse. :p
  11. they have a promo suggestion fourm i suggest that u put this in there it is a lot easier for staff to c the idea
  12. It should be a skelly or zombie horse or black horse like u would have a choice
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  13. +1

    i like the idea, but id probably set jump down to 80 or so b/c of OP.

    i agree but there's one thing u forget: having one isnt the same as using one ^.^ most ppl store their promos to sell them at a later time.
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  14. I think it should have hogher than 130 speed though so you can breed more faster zombie horses/skellys... or maybe the speed stat is randomized on spawn with130 being the min speed and idk that themax speed
  15. It's been stated, they're 130 Dashers around now. As a promo, stated above, people won't sell them. This idea has potential but the 100 jump is OP. My thought on this is with Christmas being 2 months after Halloween what would that promo be? Christmas was following the reindeer. We can't have 2 horse promo's so close in same stats.

    What we haven't seen in a while is a shovel promo. Call it the Grave digger for Halloween Eff 6 Unbreak 5 Final. Some stat like that. This was just a counter offer as to a horse. I love the horse idea but too close to Christmas reindeer.

    My 2 r's
  16. You could try zombie horse :p