(Suggestion) Halloween fun promo

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  1. I was thinking that during the Halloween season of October all Marlix that are killed could have a 25% shot at dropping Spooky Bat eggs. Just like invisible chickens why not have invisible Bats.

    Promo: Spooky Bat Egg
    Obtained: Only during the month of October by killing a Marlix having a 25% chance to get it.
  2. I like it! +1
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  3. I always wanted a spooky bat egg +1
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  4. Yay Spooky bat +1
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  5. Cool new promo and still not easy to get. Definitely would love to see this or something similar. Perhaps something with the skeleton horse! :)
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  6. I approve of this 100%

    I would love the name to be that or Dracula XD
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  7. +1 Minecraft bats are my favorite mob anyway :rolleyes:
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  8. +1 perhaps even being able to name them to leave scattered messages if that's even possible but I love the idea
  9. If it’s named marlixs Uber then I’m all for it +1