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/group list command?

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  1. Currently the widely accepted process for checking who's in a group is to run the following commands:
    • /chat group
    • /chat who
    And while that works, it also has some flaws, causing the command to possibly miss some people.
    • Players who have chat off are not listed.
    • Players who have group chat hidden are not listed.
    • Players who are ignoring you are not listed.
    Having a specific command for listing a group's members would be beneficial for those reasons, and the fact that it's simpler than two commands.
    • /group list - lists all of the players in the player's group.
    It'd display the following response, including group leader and members in the group:

    Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  2. Why not? +1 :)
  3. Definitely +1
  4. Bump! Staff opinions?
  5. I'll add it soon. Also want to show who is near you in the group too