[SUGGESTION] Group Chat Upgrade

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  1. Background: For a good amount of the time I'm on a server different from my friends trying to get XP back up to so I can repair my armour or tools, and it can get pretty lonely and boring to wait there for enough mobs to spawn, talking to absolutely no one. So I came up with an idea for an upgrade to the current Group chat system.

    Concept: Basically once you hop onto another server you'd still be in the previous Group from the past server you were on and it'll keep you in that same group. You'll be updated with all of the same chats, conversations, rants, etc. as if you were still on the same server with them.

    Concerns: Some of you may believe this could cause massive lag since groups are commonly used among players and sending chat to a different server would be hard to do so. Well I can assure you it wouldn't, where I've been on a network where they had cross-server private messaging that worked with a fail.

    Feedback: I don't mind any type of feedback given, I'd just like to know what everyone else believes upon this and if it'd benefit towards their experience on the Empire. If you hate it, then so be it. If you love it, then that's great! If you wanna be as harsh as you can against this I honestly don't mind, though I can't say anything for the Staff who'll read over the messages of this thread for "excessively rude" remarks.

    End Note: I hope you all have enjoyed this idea and wish it the best of luck with being added as apart of the Empire. I wish all a good morning, afternoon, or night for depending on when what time of the day you're reading this at. *Drops mic*
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  2. I believe that Aikar wants to do this or something similar to this. Aikar plans on cross-server chat one day and cross-server residence visits.
  3. Luckily for all of us, Aikar plans on uniting the smp experience even more so people feel as though you are on one Empire as apposed to many small servers. Your suggestion is in the works although we are likely waiting on the 1.8 things to get settled first.
  4. Ok, I looked through previous Suggestions and saw none like this and didn't see much about future upgrades/uniting of the SMPs on the front page. I'm still trying to gather my bearings with recently coming back and still finding out new stuff that's changed :p