[Suggestion] Gold Voter's Armor

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  1. Hi folks! I just wondered if this could be a thing. It could bump up the upper limits of voting rewards. I imagine it wouldn't take to much extra work to do this, since it's just the same as the leather armor, just gold. Perhaps if it's a little OP, remove some protection enchant levels? Though I guess any voter item could have that argument against it. I mean once you get the full set of tools, you have a major time and cost advantage over anyone who does not vote. Any tweaks to this idea to make it more palatable to staff implementing it would be very welcome. Let me know what you think! Thanks!
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  2. I think chain would be a better fit but I like this idea :p
  3. How about diamond... +1 though :D
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  4. no. just no XD

  5. And by right you should. If you took the time to get that high of a vote streak you should be rewarded.

    To powerful to be unbreakable. I like Chain though.
  6. Well logically it only takes me 30 seconds or less in the morning to vote for both of my accounts - yes this adds up but I wouldn't say that time is the reason why people don't vote, most who don't vote basically don't do it out of laziness. Kind of sad that with Google's new one click captcha, people still say it's "too much effort" but that's at least what I've heard.
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  7. I don't mean time to vote. The time it takes to get 300+ streak.
  8. Right, but the way you worded it sounded like it takes a lot of time of your personal time to do it. There's a difference between voting for 30 seconds a day for a year than doing a year's worth of voting in one day, and I would much rather do it once per day for a year. Anyway >.>
  9. I have a vote streak of 415 there is no more rewards but tokens rupees stable and vault vouchers left so this would be a great idea
  10. Very true. However I don't think it's been possible to vote 300 times a day.
  11. Hypothetically it would be possible if the sites and servers allowed it and it'd take a little over 2 hours.
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  12. I support this, however, I think chainmail would be a better idea. And maybe it should be more around 250 vote streak.
  13. Im up to 415 vote streak so i would automatically get it right ?
  14. From what I've heard, you would get all rewards up to your current vote streak. Most likely the next time you voted.
  15. I've discussed this in town chat, and I've always gotten iron armor would be invincible (though try wearing iron in pvp, doesnt work at all lol), so why not gold? It's just a step up from leather and it's flashy. I just thought it would be something easy for staff to whip up and to put into effect. It feels like a lot of people are well over 300. Though I do not have official statistics.
  16. As I have mentioned a little before, the voting rewards are in discussion. No I won't release what they are...However, there are some things that will require code =P
  17. Just looked up the protection ratings of all armor, I suppose chain could work too. Whatever staff wants if they like these two ideas.
  18. It's fine Krysyy. Thanks for commenting! I just assumed that perhaps new armor would take the least amount of work on your end. I got ninja'd lol. Can't wait to see the results of the discussion!
  19. ...Sharks with lasers on their heads.. I knew it!
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  20. I think this is a great idea. I think gold armor would be a nice aesthetic, but functionally, I believe chain mail would be more desirable, as has already been pointed out. I do think that having diamond armor eventually would be nice, contrary to what some people feel; however, I am thinking about it in this light: The buffs on voters gear is good, but not nearly at the level of what some people venture out in. The trade off of some of the buffs for the items not dropping seems to be an equable scale. After all, this is the same concept of voters tools versus voters diamond tools.
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