[Suggestion] Gold and diamond supporter mob disguises

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Do you think this will be a good addition to the empire? (to the empire people not staff)

Yes it sounds awesome! 6 vote(s) 30.0%
Hmm... i guess its a good idea 4 vote(s) 20.0%
This idea isnt very good 3 vote(s) 15.0%
This should definately not be added! 7 vote(s) 35.0%
  1. Hey, I was thinking, after remembering the time where we all used to be abled to disguise as mobs, it should become a permanent thing for gold and diamond supporters.

    Gold supporters should get a few of the disguises such as wolf, sheep, cow, and all the passive mobs.

    Diamond supporters should get most of the disguises such as the passive mobs, zombie, skeleton, ender man but not flying mobs.

    On the Upgrades tab on gold or diamond (if the idea is used) then it should say::

    Gold: Passive mob disguises
    Diamond: All mob disguises

    But make sure they cant use flying mobs. Also, write somewhere around the upgrades:

    Do not troll other members or you will get banned!

    Or something like that.

    Thanks, I hope you guys use this idea ;)
  2. I like it.
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  3. If this was implemented I thin Iron should get a few.
    Also if you disguise as a flying mob it doesn't give you the ability to fly if that's what you're thinking.
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  4. Bad idea.
  5. I don't this sounds fun and all but it seems like something would go bad with this but i just cant put my finger on it.
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  6. The problem is that supporters are getting all the fun ideas and us people who can't afford supporter aren't.Thats the problem with most ideas.
  7. I don't see what the point of being a mob is, because if you can't mess with people then it seems pointless and some people would break the rules anyways.
  8. The idea nowadays is, if you got the money, you got the perks.
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  9. I agree
  10. On some special occasions, we allow everyone to use mob disguise. I think it's best that way, since it prevents griefing/trolling etc. :)
  11. ok that seems fair, when will we next be abled to disguise?
  12. Not trying to be all "im surperter im berter dern yer", but the largest reason you can play here at all is because of supporters. You can't do anything fun, at all, ever, if you don't have anywhere to do it. :)
  13. Emc is mostly funded from supporters. Games like Lego Universe close due to no money. Suporters keep this server running.
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  14. Whenever the next mob disguise bonus is decided to be run. :)
  15. I think it should be halloween! ;) ~FDNY21
  16. you make a good point. maybe there should be a way for everyone to do it like via an item or something like that. i'm on the fence about this one
  17. As the mutant hamster says "Mob Disguises are used for special occasions like Halloween, April Fools or in one case Emc reach #2 overall on a Voting site. Also if we had Mob Disguise 24/7 as a supporter perks it would kill the fun factor it brings in for the community." :D
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  18. also a valid point
  19. One time i tried to shear a sheep in my wool farm... it didn't work.... (it was on halloween :p)