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  1. Hello.
    My suggestion is for next year's Thanks Giving event we add a /gobble. This would trigger an alert about how many chunks away you hear gobbling from, like the automatic ones. This would help find Turkeys easier and be a replacement to the fact you can't see name tag through bricks, you have to hover. I don't think this would give too big an advantage, but a timer could be implemented that's slightly shorter the the automatic timer.
  2. Hm, I don't see how this would be easier than the current automatic ones, also considering that they appear quite frequently. Just this afternoon did I decide to try and go turkey hunting (also because it makes me laugh to see those critters fly and run all over the place) and... Slashed up 2 more, even got a slicer! :eek:

    They're all over the place, not just in caves or lava lakes or whatever. Best strategy would be to find a good suitable spot, look around and check if you can spot something.

    So far I had most luck in areas which had large rivers in them; this gets you a valley / chasm of some sort and that gets you a good overview of the area. Its not full proof but so far it worked for me.