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  1. It's me Sean with yet ANOTHER suggestion. This time, it's a little weird, but basically it's a new /ps. Now before I explain it, DO NOT FREAK OUT ON ME IN THE REPLIES if this is impossible, I have literally NO EXPERIENCE so yah. But basically what it is, is you can have a /ps setting to change your Vote Armor to global, which will then stay on you cross-server. It wouldn't require /vault to use either. If you have open Armor Slots, then the armor will stay on your cross server. If you were on 1, take it to 3, then take off the chestplate and go to 7, it would all be on except for the chestplate. IF your armor slots are taken though, it would not go to that server. That's pretty much it I guess.
  2. I don't see the reason. /vault works perfectly. The only use I could see for this is transporting the armor to and from the wild easily - which I think is a bad idea.


    Edit: It sounds like vault in the wild for 4 items...
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  3. I don't see the point of writing that much code (it would be quite a bit to handle it seamlessly) just to save what would really be the matter of like ~10 seconds to vault it over. Plus it'd open up exploits for you to easily transfer your armor far out into the wild.

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  4. That would be the main point
  5. -1

    Voters armor already has pretty good enchants and is soulbound AND unbreakable. Making it stronger to this degree would make it ridiculously OP. The only change i would honestly like to see to voters armor is having depth 2 added to the boots.
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  6. I like the idea but /vault is just fine. I think then we would have people finding duplication bugs. There could be many things that could go wrong. Having a copy of your armor on every smp, then you could possibly mail it to yourself. Then there would be the armor in your armor slots and in the mail, You get your mail then you have 2 sets of voters armor. So this would be a -1 from me.
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  7. sorry this is way too complicated to even consider.
  8. -1 this could be exploited
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  9. -1
    /vault is just too easy to use, not necessary.
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  10. Denied. Thread Locked.
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