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  1. So I had a little suggestion that would be really cool to add.

    You know how you could be like a couple levels short of Exp, but no one else has the full amount of exp to help you out? Wouldn't it be really cool to just go /give exp [player] [amount]?

    Leave suggestions below haha
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  2. Sounds like a cool idea to be honest. Less complicated than the "Storing EXP in the Potions of Enchanting" idea.
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  3. I could see the sale of exp happening with this. But really I can't get behind this idea. Exp is easy enough to get. If we lost it on death then I could see a need to /share but otherwise I don't see myself ever needing this except to sell it.
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  4. I like this idea, but I don't see how it would be coded.
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  5. /xp (Sender) L100
    /xp (Receiver) 100
    If you can do it in vanilla then you can do it in java.
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  6. Hmm... I dislike the suggestion

    Sorry for not leaving any constructive criticism. I'm just too lazy right now to write why xD
  7. Vanilla is Java lol
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