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  1. Hey Guys,

    First of all, I haven't done much research, and so far, I think only JustinGuy can edit the site...

    Anyway, I was thinking if we could add a 'gift supporter' feature on the site, under 'Upgrades', it will have a 'Gift' button under the 'Upgrade' button. I've made a small picture (Note: I am terrible at photoshopping :p).

    So as far I have thought, when you press the gift button, it will take you through the same PayPal/Credit Card process, but it will ask for a player name, you enter the name, add your details, and voila! Your friend has just become a supporter :) They could maybe receive an alert saying '[Player] has just gifted you [Iron/Gold/Diamond]!'

    So, if you have any ideas, post what you think :)

    Thanks :)
  2. Great idea! :D
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  3. You can already gift supporter to people, just tell IcecreamCow and pay and he'll take care of it. That's how I got my two gifted supporter ranks. But this would be a cool option :D
  4. Oh, never knew that :) Thanks for the info :D
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  5. This has been suggested before and I really think it should be added! Also if it is added you should be able to have the option of not letting the player know who gifted it. Just to make it seem kinder.
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  6. This is a really great idea! Maybe I will have to coerce- erm, I mean hope some of my friends would gift me!
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  7. I'm sorry but wth? It's a gift, not charity. It would be weird not being able to know who gifted you and forced to accept it from some anonymous person, what if you didn't want a gift for whatever reasons? I know it would creep me out. Nah, it's a good idea to be able to gift it, but always with all the information included.
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  8. I was Anonymously gifted Iron supporter for a month back around Christmas. It was a shock and I have still yet to figure out who it was. I was afraid I was being trolled xD.
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  9. Well, you just earned it by being the smexy and awesome person you are, yet you get my point right? XD it's plain awkward not knowing where that came from, even if it's nice and generous and well meant.
  10. The best thing would be a small tick-box saying something like "Gift Anonymously"
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  11. I think that a gift subscription is almost guaranteed to not be continued by the recipient. We already have a lot of people who have extra residences because they were once Gold or Diamond then dropped it.

    I'm not sure having anything but an Iron Gift Supportership makes sense from EMC's perspective. It still gives the recipient a taste of the advantages without giving the permanent bonuses that the other levels have.
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  12. Smexy?
  13. I'm all for this idea. As a matter of fact, I'm gifting my brother a diamond supporter tomorrow, and if this was implemented, it would be a lot easier. But anyway, put this on the website!
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