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  1. Hey guys,

    This is a random new mob suggestion that is in many other servers that I have played on in the past. This is to add Giants to the game, they will be really tall and they would spawn zombies when hit. They would have around 200 HP and drop nether stars (or something else depending on your opinion). They would also be quite rare depending on the difficulty of your player settings.

    Hope you like my idea (I know it would sort of be a lot of work)


    Cake :)
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  2. Sounds to me a bit like Momentus. A giant zombie that has enraged zombies guarding it. Very rare miniboss that has a chance of dropping very rare items upon death. I'd recommend doing a Wiki search for Momentus so that you know what I mean, it sounds very similar anyway.
  3. Yes, I just realised about that, sorry guys
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  4. I get what your saying, So i think its still a good idea. Maybe it could be a giant wither Skelly or a Giant normal Skelly.
  5. I don't believe that's possible in EMC. Momentus is possible because the giant is already in Minecraft, but doesn't appear in game.
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  6. Well, theres a majestic beast called "Momentus" that is pretty much a description of what you want added, http://wiki.emc.gs/momentus , when you kill him you get tokens, diamonds, moments' toothpick, and maybe a helm ( recently added not confirmed yet ).

    This isn't possible for EMC, but as stated by PenguinD "Momentus is possible because the giants already in Minecraft". So the mobs in the games code, just doesn't appear. Its easy to do Marlix because its just a skeleton w/ an enchanted bow and armor ridding on a bat.
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  7. Giants wither is possible
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  8. I was trying to be nice -_-
  9. I don't think so.. unless there's a way to program the wither to fight in its largest "growing" stage, there isn't just a way to upscale mobs
  10. Unless EMC forces users to use client-side mods, no, there isn't.
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  11. Why you mad at me for telling a user whats in the game :confused:
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  12. I'm just kidding man. haha
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  13. /summon wither [size:10000]
    Works with slimes as well. Just don't know how Aikar would add in them spawning naturally
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  14. Cool idea:)
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  15. Called it :p Well, something similar to it. The only problem is that the hitbox is massively screwed up. And if you get close to it, well, it's disappears, from a client perspective. Maybe aikar could do something about that, but I've gotta say I have my doubts
  16. Didn't know about that command...

    Then again, I haven't played Minecraft properly for about 2 years now... .-.