[Suggestion] Getting Verified for res tags

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Should this be added?

Yes! 19 vote(s) 73.1%
No. 2 vote(s) 7.7%
Neutral 5 vote(s) 19.2%
  1. I was just on smp9 and I wanted to find a mall. So I typed /v +mall and had to go through about 20 blank residences before finding 1 mall. So I was thinking maybe to get a tag like /v +mall or very popularly used tags have to get verified by either asking staffs to check your res through forums or in game. Or you could do like a verification system where "+" (/v +mall) means non verified but, no plus sign means verified (/mall).
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  3. I agree 100%
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  4. I agree also. It's a awesome idea
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  5. A must have I think if you type /v +shop there are sooo many reses that dont have shops on them
  6. /v +shop or /v +mall is pretty much unfinished shops, or a shop that sells dirt for a million rupees.
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  7. I approve, but don't make it for only finished shops/malls. I am working on 3110 and wanted to add tags before my gold supporter ran out :p
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  11. Yep love this idea!! Sick of going to new players so called "malls"
  12. I see a few problems with this:

    Imagine you are a supporter (supporters individually have a certain number of tags he/she is allowed)
    You want a tag set.... you'd need to contact staff ... by the time staff get back with you if you lose supportership, then you can't have that (second, third, etc) tags added because you had to wait....

    ---As for primary tags, how would a staff be able to justify with someone not later adding what their tag implies? Like If i was to say add +stonegen ... I don't currently have a stone gen added, but I was going to add one in a few weeks... No one but me would know that I was going to add one later, but I decided to add the tag now ....

    The last problem is time? Though some staff you see focused moreover with events or projects and may have more free time than others... a lot of their free time shouldn't need to be spent on verifying tags when it isn't something that needs priority over anything really...

    Unless if it's a shop ... verifying tags isn't really necessary...

    also, unless there are specific people assigned to verifying, I don't think this is something that needs to be added.
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  13. I think they ask you to /report people who incorrectly use tags.
    Also, you really shouldn't be adding tags because you plan on it being true later. Tags are for the benefit of other players and their convenience. It is very inconvenient to have the tag link to something only the owner thinks will probably exist some day in the future. I think everyone on EMC plans on having a giant mega mall on their lot some day.
  14. For the area's highlighted in red, Senior staff+ can usually get back to you in a day for road edits so this would be faster due to even mods being allowed to verify.

    For the area highlighted in orange, even if you are planning on making a stone gen you should add the tag when your done not building.

    For the area highlighted in purple, I realize staff have very busy and important jobs but, just going to a res for 1 min is much faster than a road edit or biome change. And only knowledgeable players will get a verification therefore the amount of verification will be small.
  15. Why am I up this late bump!:confused:
  16. I like this idea because I've had a similar problem trying to find shops. Going through staff to add a tag is time consuming, however most of the residences on the tag are untouched for a long time. I have a few suggestions for how to do this:
    • A reporting system for misused tags.
    • Tags expire after a certain time period.
    • Tags cost rupees to maintain/renew.
    • A 'like'/upvote system which allows more relevant residences to appear more often. Right now the system functions as though residences are each in a hat one time. A liked residence gets placed in the 'hat' another time, and players searching that term in the future will be more likely to show up there.
    • Another player can verify the tag. (Faster than staff.)
    • With the mall and shop tags, it does a check periodically to see if there is a shop with stock, and removes the tag if not.
    Any of these or some combination of these can help greatly.
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  17. Yeah we need some sort of system put in place like this! :D

  18. I agree with eklektoi %101.

    I don't think there should be a report system for this :p Think about it, it takes 2 seconds to press the arrow key to /v +shop to another res.

    >What qualifies for a shop for when/if moderators come and check your shop? Because I have a little shop that sells about 8 different items at a time, it probably wouldn't be classed as a shop because of it size.
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  19. Currently if you /report a player who has a tag listed as a shop/mall, it can be removed. This only really applies if it has no visible shop signs which might qualify it to be a shop.

    This sort of manual process like you suggested wouldn't be an option/added, but instead some sort of popularity and "most voted for" system I could see happening :)
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  20. What about if a moderator just routinely spammed the /v +shop and /v+mall tags? Are too many others really getting abused? It wouldn't take too terribly long to thin the numbers out so that you're at least usually getting a shop. I guess we could do the same with /report.