[Suggestion] Get rid of the void in town.

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  1. I believe it's referred to as the void. I'm referring to the lighting effect that happens when you're at, or close to, bedrock level. There doesn't seem to be much of a purpose for it in town. I personally wasn't aware it until it was too late. I usually don't lay torches or anything while I dig in town because it saves time to just turn up your brightness instead. I completed half of a wool farm before I knew what was happening. I made this great looking wool farm and I can't even enjoy it without drilling a shaft down the center of my property and standing directly under it. All I'm saying is that I'd like to enjoy the entirety of my property and not be restricted by silly mechanics that aren't necessary in town.
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  2. Waste of time in my opinion. Mojang made it that way.
  3. a server can't disable it get the optifine mod you can disable it there
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  4. I have a hard time believing something can't be done by the admin team server side, but thanks for the heads up on optifine I'll check it out tomorrow.
  5. As already mentioned, Optifine does a great job at letting you toggle animation and particles effect, including void particles.
    You can also use other mods such as 'Gamma bright' and 'Spoutcraft' which let you increase brightness to a point where it becomes permanently daylight. These options are much easier then finding a way to remove void effect completely, especially when other players (myself included) enjoy this effect. :)
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  6. But...but...but... SHAUN'S ALIVE?!?!?!?!?!?! :D
  7. The void fog is 100% client side and can't be disabled by Aikar or any other admin without them forcing you to install a mod before logging in.
  8. It's called void fog, and sadly, it's a game mechanic.
  9. Here is how you disable it with optifine:

    Go to options:

    Then go into video settings:

    Then into details:

    Then turn depth fog off:
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  10. Gamma bright mod is allowed?
  11. I kinda like the void fog........
    Instead of repeating what everyone else here has said to do.
    I am just here to say i like the Void Fog.....
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  12. It has never had a Formal Mod Request; someone would need to do one of those before using it on EMC.

    Oh, and when I read the title of this thread: I thought they wanted to get rid of the physical void underneath bedrock. What would you replace it with...
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  13. diamonds clearly
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  14. Apples or lava walls.
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  15. That's what I thought too. Maybe it should be replaced with cows?
  16. Lots and Lots of wool :D
  17. :O... Its alive... Hi Shaun.. :3 ...On a different note, I use optifine and shaders to give me control over graphics, I like have those little particles at 5.. I think they dissipate around 7 or 8 though.. I am talking about layers though if you are confused.. If you don't dig below the 8th layer in your res, the particles shouldn't generate.. xD