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  1. Here's a few tweaks I'd like to see done to the friends update at some point.

    - Can there be a PS that you can toggle so that you can only send requests and not receive. You'd seem like a mean person to deny someone and although you might feel like Obama, you can't be everyone's friend.

    - When you do /friend requests can that only show ones that you get mainly and maybe like /friend requests sent can show ones you've sent or something? At the moment every time I switch servers it tells me I have requests but they're ones I sent and I can't control them.

    - Instead of using a whole other line of chat in /p, it can just put the blue dot before the player's name.

    - I don't think a confirmation is needed when clicking on a friend request to accept it. Clicking on something is pretty intentional, and if you want to change your choice it's easy to just /friend remove the person you 'accidentally' accepted.
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  2. ?
  3. Well, the 1st one brings the same problem again. "He hasn't friended me and I can't friend him. I guess he doesn't want to be my friend." Though I do not mind if that is added, I wouldn't use it. Gonna give that a +0

    The 2nd one I like. I assume it is a bug anyways. +1

    The 3rd one is good. I do wish we can start going away from light blue as far as text goes. Start using more color.
    This is starting to look like a blob of light blue. (Unless it's cyan. I dunno what it is...)

    I think we should go with Penguin's idea as far as the last one goes. It doesn't immediately give you the option to decline, which I didn't get at first.
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