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  1. Hello,

    As you see in the image I myself often get confused when seeing the t behind the /friend requests. Also its hard to read the to due to one letter being up and one letter being down. I would love to see it changed to:

    You have 1 pending friend requests. Type /friend requests
    to list them.


    -Tahitan :D
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  2. (not 100% sure) I think this is a client based error/problem, do to the user itself being able to change the width (and height) of the text box. I don't think I have this particular problem, but ithink my textbox is bigger than yours.

    - you can fix it for yourself by slightly reducing or increasing the width of the text box.

    - it MIGHT be possible to code so that words won't be cut midway, and just placed to the next line, but I'm not sure about this either. :p
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  3. broke it out into 2 lines and made 2nd line clickable.

    Util.sendMsg(player, " &bYou have &a" + pendingFriendInvites + "&b pending friend requests. ");
    Util.sendMsg(player, " &bType &f/friend requests&b to list them.", "/friend requests");
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