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  1. Hello!

    I was thinking of ideas to better EMC, not that it isn't great already.
    I thought of something like a friend list, I figured it had already been suggested but I haven't found any threads that mention it.

    Anyway, you would have the ability to add someone as a friend; using a command such as (just an example) /friend add (name) or /add friend (name) something like that. Whomever you suggest will have to accept your friend request of course.

    What is the reason for this you may ask? That brings me to part two of my suggestion, say I wanted to add _Stads_ as a friend. When he would sign onto the empire it would notify me regardless of which server he signed on to. If he were to sign on it would prompt me with a notification saying something like.
    "_Stads_ joined on Smp7 - Last Seen 23 Hours Ago" or something of the sort.

    Just an idea of course, but I thought it would be useful.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Ive been wanting to do exactly this for a long time, just never got to it. I'll officially file it on Track.
  3. Great to hear! It seems like a great idea to me.
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  4. I want to say that someone suggested like this once before and we all got told "No, it will just make people feel bad" kinda thing. I dunno why but it shocks me at the sudden "I wanted to do this it's on the list!" yet people say that staff doesn't listen to us...
  5. "it will just make people feel bad" is def not something I've said!

    That's an unrelated ticket, that one goes towards site side. Id rather tackle it game wise then look into integrating site to it.
  6. I like the friend system Hypixel uses
  7. Meh, that system is kind of weird to me.
  8. How is it weird?
    /friend add
    /friend remove
    /friend accept
    /friend deny