[Suggestion] Foreclaiming residences

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  1. Hey EMC

    Not sure if this has been suggested but I would like to see that when you fore claim a residence you get to keep what's on the res?

    I just think that if a player is paying 5000r for a residence that they want to fore claim I think you should be able to keep whatever is on the res.

    That's really all I have to say, leave a comment!
  2. issues with this as follows

    1. it would turn into a sport of people force claiming trying to get stuff and being greedy.

    2. force claiming was put in place to free up some SR.staff time with resetting a Res if a player needed it for a valid reason.

    now you may void the valid reason but I really don't think any one should ever keep the items for the 1st reason I mentioned

    the cost was put in place so you don't go Willy Milly force claiming for fun or out of spite. therefore it validates the five thousand rupee cost
  3. No.

    Cannot loot peoples chests, cannot grief their builds for stuff. Cannot claim their res to get free stuff. (and that stuff can sometimes be valued at way more than 5k worth of blocks).

    I believe the purpose of the forceclaim is to give people the opportunity to get a res they particularly want. For whatever reason, you want that location. It costs rupees so that the res can remain untouched in case the player returns and wants to carry on, but at the same time, allow other players to make use of an abandoned res if they REALLY want it. If you're not particular about locatoin, you will claim a free res. Otherwise, you'll pay the small 5k rupees to get the location you really want.

    If you don't want to pay the money, there are unclaimed reses all over the place. :)

    Bottom line is. No, this isn't going to happen. :)
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  4. Awwyiss, free dirtshack! I don't have to build my own :D. /sarcasm

    It's just fine how it is now.
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  5. That reminds me of an idea I liked from another server. I'll post as a new thread...

    No, I'm not going to post it. I changed my mind. though it'd be cool. I feel it isn't right for EMC. Cancel that.. i said nothing!
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  6. Yeah imma be serious, If i saw someones nice 10 story house with 5 beacons and a stallion in the back i would scout that place out for days and keep checking back and when the mark reaches 30 days I would take that if we got to keep the stuff >.>

    The other day I actually sat at someones res and kept checking to see when it would run out i waited 8 hours xD just so i could get another res near panda, it was just a crafting table on the res so i didnt feel bad. But i can see where people would buy supporter then go to every res and force claiming the ones that had nice stuff on them and then taking all of it back to their main res, then unclaiming the other. And the cycle repeats.
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  7. This can cause issues, and one that I haven't seen pop up is the fact that banned players residences can be force claimed and some of these players could have been banned for duplication exploits and if their "creations" were not taken and destroyed, some may reside in their residence, or as I have seen and reported before, someone trying to build a duplication exploit machine in middle of their residence.. o3o
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  8. I believe versions of this idea has been posted before :)

    I think it should cost a drastic amount, like a million rupees, if this EVER implemented (Which I hope it is not). This discourages people from wanting to build a nice house to simply claiming a nice house somebody already built. WHERE IS DA FUN?

    Don't tell me what to do... I kid, I kid
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  9. no, this is stealing basically.
    why should you be able to pay for someones work?

    system is fine how it is imo
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  10. It's fine everyone it has been declined.