[Suggestion] FORCED Grouping in PvP

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Are you annoyed by these players?

yes 8 vote(s) 53.3%
no 7 vote(s) 46.7%
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  1. I fully agree with what Ender is saying.

    I use to go to these staff vs player events because they were extremely fun. All the players would team together against the staff. Whether it was kill that chin, krysyy, or aikar it would always be a two team event: The normal players with normal gear and the higher staff member with insanely OP gear that obliterates two normal players every second... :p

    However, people eventually started to not join the groups and it was usually the great and unstoppable pvpers. Thats what kinda drew me away from these things because it wasn't really a team effort sort of thing anymore. It was a dogfight between players just to get to the admin so your chances of killing him/her were basically impossible. But I never went because I had to get the head, I went because it was normally a fun, silly event and we got to pvp an op admin and goof around but now it seems to have evolved into being so orientated around winning and a lot less orientating around fun. The people that are out of the group are really only annoying during the event. They just get in your way, surprise kill you, and basically troll the entire time.

    To go out of your way and specifically get in other's way just so you have a better chance of winning is pretty annoying. Its like being behind someone while driving, entering the opposite lane passing them, and then getting infront of them just because they were going like 3 mph (kmph for some of you) slower than you...

    /end rant

  2. I don't qualify as one of those.
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  3. Same here
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  4. You do realize that all players being able to hit each other is how the event was originally designed to be like, right?

    The fact that you're in a massive group and not competing with the majority of people is a gigantic advantage for you, and I promise it would be much more horrible if you were playing the original way when groups didn't exist and everyone hit everyone.

    If they want to kill you, that's completely a part of the game and they're actually playing the event like it originally was played. That's not selfishness, that's strategy.

    They're exercising their skill in PvP to gain an advantage in a PvP event. I fail to see what is wrong with that statement.
  5. I have to say that I am partly agreeing with both sides of this. But above highlighted in red, you are supposed to be going after chin to try to kill him. If you die who cares be patient for like 20 sec. then respawn in!
  6. That's just stupid. If you do that you have NO chance of winning.
  7. Everyone has a chance to win, people just do it their way. And thats my way of doing it, I have been close to killing chin once. People were grouped around him including me and we were hitting him, and he died by some other player! Plus its fun that way for me.
  8. Okay... I'll try to sound as neutral and objective as possible:

    Basically, it's a PvP event called "Kill That Chin". The head is a fair prize, and everyone goes there because they want the head, or just to have fun. Again, it's a PvP event held in a PvP arena. The event isn't called "Kill That Chin, as a team" or is it called "Kill Everyone, Then Kill That Chin", meaning that you can either bumprush Chin or surgically remove almost all oppositions from the fight before you go for the Chin.

    Again, people are somewhat pissed of the latter strategy and that the event should be more fun-oriented, but there's no stopping those few who wants the head and will do whatever they can to achieve it (and it isn't against the rule, is it?).

    Also, it's worth mentioning that in the PvP arena, everyone signs up to be killed by anyone the moment he or she steps inside. It's okay to work as a team and kill the staff, but it's also okay to kill others and then kill the staff.

    As for my own opinion of grouping? I partly support it. Make grouping exist, but optional. :)
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  9. If you want to do that, go ahead. It's just not the smart thing to do.
  10. I've won at least one head at 4/6 of the "Kill [blah blah] staff member" events that I've attended. I do it just like you do, I join the big group (often I'm the one that starts the group when I play). I also keep a knockback II sword on me. I use the regular sword to fight the staff member, and I use the knockback II sword on people that are hitting me. It's not something I'm going to complain about, you just have to find a way to get around it and still keep your odds high. Be smart about it though, obviously if you just let yourself die you're going to have crap odds and if you find ways to stay alive and keep close to the staff member then your odds will be very good.
  11. As long as humans exist they will compete
  12. If you want to win, learn the winner's strategy and use it yourself. Don't be a sore loser :p
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  13. If you want to get other player heads, why you shouldnt do it? that is what pvp is for. When event is on or not, the pvp arenas purpose doesnt go away. kill other players, mainly for their heads.

    that is my point of view, a solution would be for chin to force a group on everyone and he the leader, and turn pvp on on the group settings.

    Its actually more selfish to form a group, because then you are protected from other people, than those in disadvantage like dr_Chocolate which was on his own(because he can be hit by anyone)
  14. That would be true if Chocolate didn't know about the group, but in this case he does. He purposely didn't join and killed the rest of us. Okay okay. We get the sole lesson here. Don't attend these things, unless you want to waste your time. If these PvPers want to semi ruin the event, just don't go. :( Like Chicken has stated above. Case Closed. :(
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  15. It wasn't just him, I was in a group with him. People just never noticed me D:

    If that seriously ruined your time there, think of another strategy. Chocolate and I were the only ones using god apples the first 2 rounds. I was actually kind of confused because normally, everyone has god apples, but due to 1.9 coming, many people want to save them and I get that. Don't come on the forums saying that people who like to pvp ruin your time at events and suggest that everyone be forced into one group because that is just silly. Find a new strategy that works! Chocolate and I did that and look how it worked out for him.
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  16. Why don't you rebut my arguments? There's nothing stopping you from doing what I did. I, in fact, encourage what I did.
  17. Thread closed per OP request.
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