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  1. Earlier this afternoon, Chin hosted his Kill That Chin event. I was super excited for this event, because I could actually attend this rare event. Things started going downhill after a few minutes. This wasn't the only event where it happened. This has happened in the past, but I haven't really talked much about it. Things need to change. Now.

    Lets group players into two categories.
    Normal Players- good players, chat, join groups, and don't purposely kill others. :)
    Selfish Players- think that they have the best 'Strategy', purposely kill others, don't join groups. :mad:

    During the event, everyone was competing for Chin's head. Everything was going well, until the other guys not in the groups started joining. It wasn't fun. 1 out of 4 kills was caused by Chin. Guess who stole the other 3 kills? Those selfish players. Chin lowered everyone's health to low, until those guys swooped up and killed everyone. Then, those players had Chin to themselves, gaining the absolute advantage. One of those players killed Chin most of the rounds. :mad:
    (Names blocked on purpose, to avoid any flame-wars.)
    They called their strategy successful and they purposely didn't join the group. I understand- everyone's goal was to gain Chin's head. However, these guys took it too far. I know Chin can Force Group players, I have seen it before. This should happen in all Staff vs Players Events. Also, I know that some players just want to pvp others. Kill That Chin is not the place to do it. Force Grouping is absolutely essential to these events, to allow everyone to have a chance. We are all like a team, whoever gets the last blow gets the head. There's nothing to lose in this, except that these players lose their 'Strategy.'

    Sorry for some of my harsh words.
    I just want to clear the point out there. If everyone is in a group, it will really be a staff vs players. Not players vs non groupers vs Chin.
    -Ender :)
  2. I'm with you on that:)
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  3. You don't have to block my name. I don't care enough to argue over this. I don't want to be part of a group, so I shouldn't have to join. Simple as that.
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  4. One of my friends was on the verge of leaving the event because of this exact thing, so I agree :p
  5. I just decided to kill hashog hopping to get his head instead :p
  6. You were killing the wrong staff member! XD
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  7. I mean its just strategy. Nothing stopped you from killing him.
    Edit- In fact, it made it harder for him in general as he would in theory have much more trouble staying alive, and then get less chance of killing chin. This is all how you play it that you get affected.
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  8. Less dangerous. :rolleyes:
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  9. Thanks :)
  10. *a wild penguin appears*

    I was one of the people who killed everyone in this event when I played it, so my opinion is hopefully worth something here. You're calling the people who form their own team "selfish" when it's really just a good strategy if you're good enough to pull it off. I'll explain:

    When Rainbow stops eating Golden Apples and his health starts to dwindle, that's when you have to make your strike in these events. It's not about suicide-rushing Rainbow to try to make a difference, because that doesn't work. You'll just get killed and won't be alive or with Rainbow when he dies. When Rainbow has no more regeneration the goal is to have the best shot at killing him in order to get the head--I hope we can all agree there.

    So now I'll explain why my/Chocolate/Peculiar's strategy works so well: it's all timing. Killing Rainbow on a Golden Apple is literally impossible, so instead you have to wait until his regeneration is gone to even try to kill him. That's why it's best to form a team of two or three and have one person watching Rainbow's health at all times. When it falls below 20 you need to rush/pearl in and try to kill him.

    Killing other players gives you the highest possibility of winning. Put simply, if everyone's dead nobody can win except for you. That's what makes this strategy so good. I've reached events of over 200 kills and won 2-3 of the heads by giving myself the best statistical possibility of winning. As you kill more players, you knock them out of the event temporarily. When Rainbow stops using golden apples, it'll be just you and a few other players you haven't killed trying to get the head, compared to up to a few dozen others.

    If you're in a group with 50 other people you're competing for the last lit with dozens of other people who are crowding Rainbow trying to kill him. You'll be targeted by other players in the event if you go solo/with a small team, sure, but you can 5-6 hit them with Strength II and if you have a gapple you can't die. It's still the best strategy.

    tl;dr it works because as you kill people you have less people competing to get the head at the end

    tl;dr pt. 2 the goal of the event is to win the head which is what this strategy does, try it yourself if you want

    Hopefully this clears some things up as to why this is a valid strategy.
  11. So what you are really saying is during a PVP event it should be players only killing one person? If others that don't want to be in a group with you its their choice, nothing to tell them... its free will. If they want to kill other players same thing, plus they can also gain other player heads during the event....

    And there are more than one group.... sometimes i have seen up to 10 groups in these events, and sometimes even groups with 2 players.... but its all a choice, Would be no fun if they where forced...
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  12. At least I wasn't selfish :)
  13. I partly agree with this.

    The point of the event is to kill Chin to gain his head. Everyone is supposed to chase chin and fight him together and whoever gets the final blow wins his head I guess XD but instead other people are killing eachother stopping players to even step foot near Chin. Its almost like team work, we all chase chin to kill him while one of us will get the prize. We depend on other players to weaken chin to try to kill him. The point is to kill Chin as said "Kill That Chin" not Kill Other Players. It gets annoying when u spawn back in the arena then get killed by another player right away.

    But also even though there is an event going on and using the pvp arenas. The pvp arenas are for everyone meaning you dont have to only pvp during event. Its open all day every day for everyone. There is the point those people can go pvp in another arena but since there are lots of people in 1 arena its kinda saying "Look Were In Here Come Kill Us!!" The pvp space is a public space so you can pvp there whenever you want but those people should mind others events going on there especially an official event like "Kill That Chin" . It is an opportunity for others to get to pvp other players but they should mind events for EMC funness
  14. What are the negatives of joining a group? None. The only negative is that you will lose the ability to kill other players. Thats all. Do players really find it amusing to kill others helplessly?

    Yes, I can see that working out for some players, but there again proves my point in red.
    I'm serious guys, its just a head. I just don't believe that some just want to go their own way. I don't remember the community being like this a while back. :(
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  15. I've done this for a long time. I find it fun to win. I want to win and I will use any means necessary to reach that.
  16. I want to see someone neutral respond to this, like Krysyy or Chin, before this gets closed.
  17. Chin said no. I can provide screenshots if you want.
  18. Overcompetitive
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  19. And? What's wrong with my sweaty tryhardy-ness?
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  20. During the event, You are not working as a group to kill RainbowChin. You could call everyone selfish because I bet you that everyone in the PVP arena at the time of the event will tell you "To get RainbowChin's Head" when you ask them why they are there. Everyone is fighting over one thing. You can't just say that everyone is forced to work as a group, because that is not what is supposed to happen. It is a PVP event and ANYONE can die by ANYONE. Next time you come, Think about a strategy that actually works (Chocolate, Penguin, and I's), Instead of going and just suicide bombing chin and just kicking yourself out of the arena.
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