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  1. I suggest that heads on the wiki appear as they will in 1.8!
  2. So having our mob heads and promotional heads look similar to http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/player-head/? I'm pretty sure that page has an image that looks sort of like what 1.8 will have... This would be good for all head pages since they are indeed going to change with the update. Nice suggestion! It would probably make more sense for us to wait until the items actually change with the update so the images are as the items currently are, but once we get into 1.8 that's something we can do!
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  3. Yes, thank you! I agree with only doing it in 1.8!
  4. Wait, didn't Nick change his skin?
  5. I don't know!
  6. Nick will be missed! *Mockingbird music*