Suggestion for Senior Staff Services] Res Rotation / Edit

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by fishmeal, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. I know there is the 100,000 option of moving your res to a new location/server, and maybe they offer this during that process.
    Otherwise, if you use an editor where this is possible, I would like to pay rupees to change the orientation of my structures. Like just turning the whole plot into a schematic except the back 8 blocks or so making the front 8 dirt and rotate the whole thing 90°. I could see where some people might want the left and right halves of their res switched or something similar.
    It could be separate services: res shift, res rotation, and res edit; or just res adjustment.
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  2. Hm, that would be pretty complicated to do though so it would most likely be pretty pricy.
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  3. This is already something some of them do... I had jim move my entire stone gen from the middle of the res to the edge of a res before...

    Matheus' entire res was shifted to the right 1 block

    So I know they are willing to shift the res... rotation in my opinion would be similar to the moving... as long as you're not adding or removing items it shouldn't cost much...

    If you have to have stuff world edited in (ie. turn all the dirt into snow blocks... you'd prob need to supply all the snow blocks and pay a certain price ... maybe like 10k or free (if you supply material))
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  4. To update, they did a rotation and moved my res to a new spot for one fee, the same as just moving either way. They also do selective edits based off dirt removal costs and you provide supplies. Suggestion already exists.
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