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  1. This was an idea I had for monthly member accounts. This would be to allow monthly members the ability to have more animals on there Homes. This is because to have good prices you would need more animals like sheep to make more wool (ect...). This would be a good sell point for monthly accounts you could scale it to each lvl account. maybe 50 for $5, 75 for $10, 100+ for $20 a month members.
    This is just a thought; But, hope it might help.
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  2. I do like the idea, of having more mobs per supporter status.
  3. I'm pretty sure that utopia reses are allowed more animals which are only claimable for gold and diamond supporters.
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  4. But I want more on my normal res :/
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  5. I've explained this before. Gold and diamond supporters get 2 and 4 res's respectively. With a 100 mob limit per res, you get 200 if you are gold, and 400 if you are diamond.

    No, they are not on the same res. Yes, they are still more than a normal player gets. This has already been discussed right after the mob limits came out.
  6. I'm sorry you have to explain it about 400 times :(. People just don't get that More animals=more lag.
  7. Happy first post! :)
    lol. i always like to see that.
    But anyway, for future people, krysyy's post explains it perfectly.
    Also, I find it confusing that is coming from a non supporter.
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  8. I thought that but he/she must be either coming one and trying to boast the perks or just want's more perks for supporters