(Suggestion) For god sake, can we stop with changing the spawn rates.

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  1. Yes, I know, third time I have made a thread about this, but now, it seems its gotten worse, worse to the point where you need a diamond sword with a good enchantment to go out into an unlit area or else the now bigger mobs of mobs will kill you in a few seconds if you let your guard down for a bit, and then when you put this onto the Normal mode, which we will be upgrading to soon, this will get to the point of insanity. Please, can we leave the changed spawn rates to PVP server when it comes out?
  2. Its not that bad...
  3. I just headed out and all though I usually agree with most changes, this one is really noticeable. Thank god I had a god sword on me, but it was still hard to light my area up.

    EDIT: Maybe it's just that I haven't been out in an unlit area in a while.....
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  4. Please tell me, how long do you spend in the wild?
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  5. The ocelot spawn rate is WAY to high.....at any given time and can look outside and see 25-30......it makes it very hard to try and spawn villagers for trading and stuff.....
  6. Skeleton spawns is insane, along with spiders.
  7. Irrelevant.
    Its all going for a better cause... you get more mob drops.
    Plus... the wild is supposed to be wild... eh? :p
  8. Lost two stacks of diamonds getting chased by 5 spiders and 3 skeletons once. All in the same area xD
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  9. Ah see i had forgot about this.
    I think the reason the spawn rates were increased may have been to get us a bit more prepared for the upgrade to normal mode.
    (Edit) I have no idea why it quoted Equinox ()_()
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  10. It does matter, actually. If you spend a day in the wild every week, you won;t notice it, but if you're like me, and in the wild every day, you will notice it.

    Also, it is the wild, with stupidly high spawn rates.
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  11. I live in the wild, and i have noticed this. Last time i ran into hostile mobs (About a week or so ago) i got chased by four spiders and three zombies........i killed them due to my obsession with OP Diamond tools...but still
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  12. Ok... but you are alerted when the mob rates change... so you cant say you werent warned.
  13. What is awesomeness without stupidity? XD
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  14. Please tell me where I said I wasn't warned.
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  15. You should be ready. That's all :)
  16. The point of god armor and god swords is made for a reason..... pffft :p
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  17. .
    Also, it seems I could call you an idiot and every other mean word in the book, and you would still like my post.
  18. God Armor is hardly within anyone's budget. A regular set of diamond armor should be enough to last a barrage of mobs, yet it can hardly stand up to 4 at a time. I understand the upgrade to normal mode, but I remember them saying things about new drops. I have no idea where they even fit that in with all the mobs I killed, and I find less of a reason for Normal mode with every mob that kills me.
    As much as I agree with your argument within the post, that was pretty uncalled for...
  19. I wasn't calling him an idiot, I was just stating, because even when we argue, he still always likes my posts.
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  20. I was just out in the wild with alyattayla as well, and we were getting swarmed with monsters. And the other day, I was extending and island with dirt and I turned around and a partially unlit area like 10X10 wide had already spawned 3 mobs. I do think the spawn rate is a little high. But, seeing how aly and I were un-armored, and I only had an iron sword, and managed the be fine and kill everything, it seems like as long as you're paying attention it's not that big of a deal.