[Suggestion] Flowers That Drop Seeds

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  1. We all love flowers. . . . Well, most of us do. I go to the wastelands to collect flowers but sometimes I can't get enough for a project I want to do. Wouldn't it be neat if flowers could either drop seeds - as with grass - or, via a crafting table, be 'processed' into seeds - as with melons/pumpkins?

  2. Yeah... farming flowers is kind of hard, you need lots of bone meal for it.
  3. -1
    I don't think this is important. If you go to a different smp's wastelands, there might be a plains biome. Also, there are more than one wastelands worlds that exist on one smp. So try these suggestions out.
  4. This isn't something EMC can implement as it's a vanilla Minecraft mechanic. The person to approach with this suggestion is Mojang.

    I'm a bit hesitant to say "can not" because it probably could be done. However, I highly doubt it's something Aikar/chickeneer would implement, because, as I mentioned, it's a vanilla Minecraft feature.
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  5. I had a hard time when I started out finding flowers in the waste (as I do love them too!) Unfortunately there are no individual seed mechanics per flower built into the game, so as stated above, probably not a realistic avenue.

    As 607 said the best way to get flowers in bonemealing the ground to produce more, and they will produce different flowers depending on what biome you are in. (This is for 1 block high flowers) Also, if you are just looking for dyes, you can bonemeal 2-block high flowers planted on your res to duplicate easily, this will give you a bunch of colors (red, yellow, orange, magenta and pink)

    While its a bit expensive: Senior Staff Services can change your res biome to flower forest for (I believe) 20k. this will give you tulips, allium, bluets, poppies and daisies in a random growth pattern on your res. you can split your request up if you wanted into more than one biome (ie orchids are found in swampland, dandelions in plains)

    The flower "patches' will always be in the same places more or less(meaning allium always grows where allium grows, and orange tulips always grow where orange tulips grow.. etc). This gives you the option to build a flower machine, which uses bone-meal to generate an endless supply of flowers.

    I hope this information helps you get your flowers more quickly and easily. :)
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  6. I sell flowers by the boat load at 8799 on smp4, as for the seeds I can give you a DC of it if you really want some
  7. I'll pay to turn your res into flower forest. Then you can make a flower farm on YouTube.
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  8. the seeds we're talking about don't exist :-/ The suggestion is to be able to craft ..say 'daisy seeds' similar to pumpkin or melon seeds, to more or less expland/increase flower inventory without the use of bonemeal :)
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  9. now i get it, yeah that would be cool.
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  10. With enough intuition, I could actually imagine this being possible. Not a project we would be considering at this time though.
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  11. Just buy bones at 18617 and make a flower farm... *totally not what I do...*
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