[Suggestion] Flag where you can choose only a few blocks to be broken/placed

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  1. Hi EMC, I was thinking wouldn't it be great if you could give people a build flag for only a few or one certain block. So its for farming stuff, say you want to make a tree farm for everyone you could give them a flag for breaking only logs or leaves and they can only place saplings. This would be a great new flag that could help people so much and possibly stop some res griefing when it does happen. My situation was I was hiring people to cut logs for me and its worrying thinking they could if they decided to wreck your residence, so that is when I thought of this!
    Thanks for reading and please consider backing this it can help in many ways! :) ~XD
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  2. I know it would be great, but I don't know about the cons when looking at programming, space and lag.
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  3. good point but it may not cause too much I dunno I hope a mod or admin looks at this
  4. Already possible, I remember Aikar doing something like this for Jack's old Spleef Arena
    It might be possible to make the command public.
    In fact: http://track.empire.us/issue/EMC-53
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  5. so can a mod/admin say whether this is possible?
  6. The tracker says it is :p
  7. ok so I can use that now... :p lol