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  1. Basically a Flag that gives the player you have chosen all the Flags, instead of individually going /res tpset SoAndSo build t etc etc, you can go /res tpset SoAndSo set all or something along those lines.

    I feel a lot of people want this, and I think it would be a good idea
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  2. Yes, I would like this, and I as well as many have requested something like this many times. I hope it is implemented soon!
  3. There's this: http://track.empire.us/issue/EMC-62

  4. I really dont like that form. just the way MrWhosMagic said it seems so much simpler and easier to me.
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  5. How many times has this been suggested?
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  6. It's been a lot :p But it would be handy :p
    I believe we should have /res tpset Aikar,MrWhosAwesome,IcecreamCow all
    And the option to have all the flags on one line as well.
  7. I like the idea (even if it's not yours :p) though the command goes /res pset, as /res tpset is how you set up the teleport location :).
  8. Shhhh xDDD
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  9. There is a seperate ticket for 'all' already. both will be added as you dont want to give all flag out much.
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  10. Soudns good :)
  11. YAY! Thanks, will save so much time :)
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  12. Which is...
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