Suggestion fix?

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  1. Whenever I do /v +shop or something I go to a shop. Thats good, BUT when I do it again I usually go to the same exact shop. Can we make it so you do not go to the same "tag" 2 times in a row or something? And when I do /v +shop, it annoys me when the residence has no move, is it possible to set it so it skips the residence we cant go to and go to one I can?

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  2. It actually does the 'not excluding' -move/banned players reses when you do /v random as well
  3. The repetition is because it's new so that's the only place tagged as shop on that server. I agree with the -move thing though.
  4. some incredibly small SMP's have just 1 tag. SMP3 has one ./v +mall but I completely agree about the -move thing. Maybe you cannot have a tag if you have no move on your res and same thing with ./v random.
  5. This would simply complicate the logic a bit.

    The way its implemented now is.... We have 10 residences tagged with shop, generate a random number 1 to 10, and use that.

    To exclude previous ones would require tracking which ones youve received, which would require extra data storage/memory, and more complicated logic in the code.

    As for the -move, we could put it in a loop and check move before returning... just that also complicates the logic and opens room for critical bugs (what if no residence with +Shop has +move?).

    Not saying we won't do move check, but it does complicate things and require a good bit of thought to protect against server crashing bugs, so wont happen anytime 'soon'
  6. Alright, thank you :D