[Suggestion]Fishing Event!

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  1. I suggest a fishing event once a week like FNM except you just kick back relax and just fish and talk with people :)
    The location will always be /v +park on smp2.
    The fishing rod chest will always be filled prior to the even by me or whoever is willing to donate.
    The event will run for about 2 hours (or more depending on who stays) then after the fishing rod chest will be filled again for whoever comes on a daily basis to fish there
  2. We used to have one on Sundays on my res, and again one was had in the /park on smp2. The biggest problem was that few people came to subsequent events, and the DC of fishing poles gets emptied far faster than it's filled. You would be able to easily make this event yourself, just get some poles together and hold it on smp2 at /park, the EMC pool on smp(wherever), or any res with a fair amount of water. You can submit any event on the EMC calendar, too.
  3. What xbuff (still thinking of a good nickname for you) said. For the record: I'd try to attend an event like this because I often like to fish. Its one of the reasons why I highly value the voters fishing rod (last reward; 300 days of continuous voting) and not merely look at it as a funny joke. There's no joke about fishing up saddles and nametags and easily selling them.

    Alas... I'd definitely suggest setting something up yourself, and if you'd like I'd be happy to try and help out a bit. I think the smp2 /park would be the most ideal location for this though Simon's residence is also very nice for fishing. (what's most important to me is that the pond is large enough to fish in and that the scenery is nice to look at).

    As to the chest of rods: maybe you should just provide sticks and strings and let people make their own fishing rod? A fishing rod seems more appealing to nab than sticks and strings.
  4. how would i go about submitting an even on the calender and what day and time do you guys think would be most ideal
  5. There is a link to the form to fill out on the events page. As for the day and time, just make sure it's not when any EMC events are taking place.:)
  6. I have taken a look at your suggestion.
    and i like it.
    i am going to take it into consideration and see how i can implement this into an Official EMC event.
    i want to thank you for this suggestion.
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  7. I can't fish and talk at the same time.
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  8. That's what makes fishing exciting sometimes: you hit t while you think that you got enough time to type that one sentence and *flush*, there goes your fish :eek:

    Sometimes the excitement never stops :D
  9. oh yeah you can :)
  10. I found that the best times were around 2pm EMC time. That lets the UK players and US players both get together and play.
  11. what day would be the best? im thinking tuesday or thursday so we can call it "Tackle Tuesday", you know like fish tackle :p
  12. I ran mine on Sundays, but the day really depends on your preference. If it's going to be a regular thing, it should be a day that you have open often enough to host.
  13. tuesdays are open